'The Flash' Starts a Mysterious, Villainous Feud

The mystery of Harrison Wells’ motivations have only deepened now that we know Harrison seems hell-bent on killing General Wade Eiling on The Flash . We were briefly introduced (and then abruptly un-introduced) to Plastique, aka Bette Sans Souci, who became some what of a project to Barry. Although her bombing abilities were far too dangerous to do any real good in the city, it seemed like Barry really had a chance at pulling her in a more pacifist direction than the one she was previously headed in, only to get thwarted toward the end of the episode by Wells telling her that killing General Eiling will help make Central City safe.

Well, now we're stuck with two unfortunate happenings: Cisco's new crush appears to be dead (for now), and we still only have the barest of clues as to why on earth Harrison wants Eiling dead. We don't have a lot of help from the DC universe, since most of Eiling's involvement has to do with Captain Atom and not The Flash. But we do know based on his character's history that he is manipulative and self-serving, and one look at that way he sneers on The Flash would make anyone unsettled. The only marker that really separates Eiling from all the other vendettas Harrison seems to have against people in the city is that their problems with each other clearly took place in the past, as opposed to the future, the way I've started assuming almost everything relates to Harrison.

Another clue comes from Harrison's cryptic statement: “I would do anything to get back what I lost." Well, we know he isn't talking about the use of legs, since he can secretly walk. So what is he talking about? We know based on the flashback that his experimentation with live beings goes back further than we thought it did, but we still have no idea what General Eiling did to break up their little "team." Whatever Eiling did, though, he seems to think Harrison is capable of taking him down — it'll be interesting to see who gets painted as the "bad guy" from here on out, with these two men and their completely mysterious motives.

Image: Jack Rowand/The CW