'The Voice' Luke Wade Made Everyone Swoon With His "Let's Get It On" Playoff Round

Can I just start this post out by saying DAMN, LUKE WADE IS GOOD. I had no idea how much I loved the Team Pharrell contestant until Tuesday night's playoff round of The Voice. Obviously Wade is talented, otherwise he wouldn't have made it this far, but he never made my heart flutter — until Tuesday night, that is. For his playoff round, Luke Wade performed Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" and he totally killed it in the best possible way. Yes, I was absolutely concerned by the fact that Pharrell chose this song for Wade, but apparently, I have nothing to worry about every again. Because Luke Wade has stolen my heart and I fear nothing anymore.

Wade is quickly proving that he's one of the most valuable assets that Team Pharrell has. He's totally game and he absolutely knows how to bring the house down. So far, we saw Wade crush his "Maybe I'm Amazed" battle round and his knockout performance of "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates. But now that The Voice has moved onto the live rounds, the game has officially changed and this isn't just about talent anymore — this is about talent AND winning over your audience. And on Tuesday night, Luke Wade did just that with his super sexy, flawless rendition of the Marvin Gaye classic.

I wasn't convinced that Team Pharrell had a heartthrob — especially after he chose Elyjuh Rene in the knockout rounds even though he totally failed at selling the emotion of his song. But now I'm 100 percent certain that Luke Wade might be Chris Jamison's biggest competition when it comes to making hearts melt out there on stage. Not everyone can kill it on a song that's not only a classic, but a song we all know and love — especially when it's Marvin Gaye. Wade impressed the judges and he impressed me on Tuesday night, so I might've officially jumped ship onto Team Pharrell just for him.

Watch Luke Wade's live playoff performance here:

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC