Real Talk With Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk, also known as Saul Goodman on AMC's Breaking Bad, ventured into the weird world of Reddit on Tuesday to participate in an AUA (Ask Us Anything) with his former Mr. Show cohorts David Cross and Brian Posehn and it was, in a word, fantastic. Odenkirk rarely pulls punches and his conversation with Reddit included some bona fide Real Talk about Breaking Bad and, most importantly, a Saul Goodman spin-off.

Unfortunately for fans of the Albuquerque lawyer with more colorful shirts than the Great Gatsby, Saul Goodman is not officially the star of his own show, but Odenkirk did share some encouraging insights about the could-be series:

Saul spin-off? Don't know. Really. I trust Vince Gilligan when he says he has a good idea for it, an idea that motivates him to want to work on it. Vince, obviously, can do anything he chooses at this point, so it's a massive honor that he would put any mental effort into a Saul show. Peter Gould is a Breaking Bad writer who wrote the first script that Saul appeared in, and, I believe, Peter is interested in a possible Saul show. So...that's a lot of goodwill and energy making it a possibility. But still, this is a creative endeavor we're talking about, and then there's the business side that would have to be worked out...so many hurdles. I am thrilled that people like the character enough to want that show to happen. Thanks for asking.

And if the Saul show is a no-go, will we ever see the infamous comb-over again?

That hair is not mine, it is five different components / pieces that get put into my head. I do not have it at home, the Smithsonian has it next to Fonzie's jacket and Rerun's turd from "What's Happenin'" the episode where the toilet breaks.

Well, that's a relief. At least something is guaranteed to survive Walter White's wave of carnage.

But don't go getting all warm and fuzzy about the infinitely lovable comic actor just yet. When given the option, he and Cross dissed Breaking Bad fans. Well, sort of. When asked who'd be more annoying during the duo's upcoming live Mr. Show gigs. Odenkirk broke thousands of hearts when he replied:

Definitely Breaking Bad. They aren't necessarily into comedy. This show is really for Mr Show fans.

But fear not, comedy-loving Breaking Baddians, Odenkirk knows there's some crossover. It would just be annoying if Breaking Bad fans who hated comedy (wait, is that a thing?) showed up thanks to some unlikely hot tip about an Odenkirk appearance:

The question is this: are people coming who are Breaking Bad fans and don't know Mr. Show? No, they don't even know it's happening. There are many people who just know me from Mr. Show.

Finally, we also learned that Odenkirk reads the comments on Amazon, just like the rest of us; his favorite word is "indeed" (someone decided to go all James Lipton on Better Call Saul); Posehn might have had a little too much fun watching Odenkirk get beat up on Breaking Bad; and that the key to achieving Bob's brand of "comedic yelling" is to "have it come from a real deep place of genuine anger at the world ... It helps to have a shitty dad."

But mostly, what we've learned is that Odenkirk is the easy-going, hilarious, sarcastic, fantastic guy we all thought he was. Doesn't that just make you as giddy as Jesse Pinkman with an air tube and a puffy yellow suit?