5 Questions for Lila, 'HTGAWM's "Dead Girl"

It's flashback time! Finally, on this Thursday's episode of How to Get Away with Murder, we'll see more of Lila Stangard than a picture, a bunch of rumors, and a gross corpse montage. Seriously, I want to have words with whoever decided it was "artistic" to juxtapose Wes and Rebecca's sex scene with Lila's autopsy last week. That was not cute. I'm glad that, even if just for one episode, actress Megan West gets to bring Lila back to life. While I'm slightly more interested in who killed Sam on HTGAWM, it will be good to finally get some answers and perspective on the girl who started it all. What more can we learn about Lila on How to Get Away with Murder ? The promo for the episode "He Has a Wife" shows Lila gloating about her affair with "Mr. Darcy" and wanting to stick it to her married man's wife.

According to the official ABC press release, we'll be "learning more about Lila and Sam’s relationship" and "a shocking discovery is revealed in Lila’s case that could change everything for Rebecca and Bonnie’s loyalty to Annalise." Is this a new discovery, or something we already knew about Lila? There's so little we know about her in the first place. The girl had at least two lives. On the surface, she was a sorority girl dating a devout fraternity guy who was captain of the football team. The secret life of Lila Stangard involved dealing drugs and sleeping with her psych professor. Here is a roundup of the unanswered questions about Lila.

Who is the father of her child?

The latest reveal on the show was that Lila was six weeks pregnant. Yikes. Well, there's a new motive. But we'll get to her murder in a minute. Now there's a paternity scandal to deal with as well.

The obvious suspect is Sam Keating, also known as Mr. Darcy, Lila's older lover. Annalise has mentioned several times on this show that she and Sam were unable to get pregnant. That would make it incredibly poetic and personal. He also helped the team in their attempts to prevent a second autopsy. That makes me suspicious that he knew about the pregnancy. This also might explain why Bonnie and Rebecca are no longer loyal to Annalise, if she insists on protecting Sam after learning this information.

However, Lila's boyfriend Griffin is still in the running. We know he slept with Rebecca, so what's up with his very public insistence that he and Lila were practicing abstinence for religious reasons? Either he's a jerk, or he's hiding something.

How close were Lila and Rebecca?

We know that Lila befriended Rebecca in order to live on the wild side and get into drug dealing. Rebecca did hook up with Lila's boyfriend, but she also knew about Mr. Darcy. I'm not sure what the Girl Code says about that. Rebecca claimed that Lila wanted to start dealing drugs for the thrill of it. I suspect there was more to it than that.

Who called the maintenance worker?

Remember that, from the pilot? Lila's body was found in the water tank after someone called maintenance at the sorority house. Whoever made that call must have known she was there, right? It's too much of a coincidence otherwise. It was either the killer, or someone who had a good hunch what the murder was all about. My guess is Rebecca.

How many phones does Lila have?

There's the phone that Lila left at Rebecca Sutter's apartment unattended all day before she disappeared. There's also allegedly a phone that she used to call Sam on the same day. These details are crucial in a murder case. What's the truth here?

Who killed her?

That's the obvious question, of course. The trial is messy, pitting Griffin against Rebecca and leaving Sam in the shadows. It still seems likely that Annalise knew about the affair all along and did the deed herself.

Could Griffin, the original boyfriend, have killed her? Could Lila's parents have killed her? Sam disclosed last Thursday that the Stangards were distrustful of Griffin and his religious beliefs. They were concerned that he was going to try and control her. This could have all come to a head in a way that didn't directly include Sam at all. Though, if I'm being honest, Sam and/or Annalise are looking more guilty by the day.

I do think Rebecca is innocent. However, don't think I haven't forgotten the law student that lived in Wes' apartment before him. He left town (or at least left the building) right about when Lila was murdered. He left behind some intense scratches above his bed post that Rebecca blamed on her former neighbor's "rabbit sex" and nervous breakdown, but could have been part of a struggle. We've focused on the scratches twice now. They must be significant. A particular scene from Silence of the Lambs comes to mind.

With so much still to learn about this mystery party girl, it'll be nice to finally let her speak for herself. TGIT, everyone!

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