12 Bar Accessories to Help You Celebrate National Happy Hour Day Right

Not that you need another excuse to pour yourself a glass of wine, but November 12 is National Happy Hour Day, and while you should go out and celebrate with a drink, if ever there was a time to step up your bar game at home, it's now. You don't need to be an experienced bartender with an arsenal of fancy tools to whip up something awesome. From cocktail shakers to cute bottle openers to the most inventive wine glasses you've ever seen in your life, here's everything you need to make sure happy hour is the best hour, no matter what day it is.

Vino-Tini Flip Glass

Is this brilliant, or is this brilliant? A single glass to fit your every spirit.

Vino-Tini Flip Glass, $14.99,

Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool

Here’s one to whip out if you’re really trying to impress your friends. This twist on the pocket knife is 10 tools in one, and includes a zester, corkscrew, stirrer, and muddler. Basically, it’s everything you could possibly need.

Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool, $39.99,

Nerd Beer Bottle Opener and Key Ring

Pop open a cold one and unleash your inner nerd at the same time. Attach these bottle openers to your key chain, and never leave the house unprepared ever again.

Nerd Beer Bottle Opener, $9.95,

"Call Me Old Fashioned" print

Wall art with a purpose. Now you’ll always know how to mix up one of these bar classics yourself.

“Call Me Old Fashioned” Print, $10,

Rabbit Stainless Steel Wine Pourer and Stopper

This sleek stainless steel wine pourer doubles as a stopper, so you can sip and seal with ease. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Rabbit Stainless Steel Wine Pourer and Stopper, $10,

Complete Cheese Service

Because if you’re serving up wine, you better be serving up cheese, too. Rabbit’s complete cheese service has everything you need.

Complete Cheese Service, $40,

Good Idea Bad Idea Shot Glasses

Honestly, these shot glasses are the best idea.

Good Idea Bad Idea Shot Glasses, Set of 2, $16,

Drink a Diamond Glass Set

Sip your drink of choice from a diamond for an extra happy happy hour.

Drink a Diamond Glass Set, $34,

"Happy Hour Is Here" print

Bring this cute print with you everywhere you go, and get ready to have a good time

“Happy Hour Is Here” Print, $15,

Hammerhead Shark Bottle Opener

A bottle opener shaped as a shark? I don’t know guys. I’m into it.

Hammerhead Shark Bottle Opener, $15,

Rocket Cocktail Shaker

The best way to mix up a drink that’s seriously out of this world.

Rocket Cocktail Shaker, $34.95,

House Cat Party Coasters

Happy hours are good no matter what, but happy hours with these cat coasters are going to be great.

House Cat Party Coasters, $19.99,