Lorde Has Straight Hair Sometimes, And (Surprise, Surprise) She Looks Just As Cool With Sleek Locks

Lorde, like many of the most fabulous things on earth, both inspires me to be more awesome in my day-to-day life and also completely terrifies me. She's like the teenage, musical version of Anna Wintour, but if Anna Wintour were also a witch / international pop star. But I digress—my point is that Lorde is all-around, 100 percent cool and yes, so is her hair. It's big, curly, unique and most certainly memorable. So when Lorde rocked pin-straight hair with a side part in a recent Instagram snap it was a little surprising, but also fabulous, just like the singer herself.

Lorde always looks stunning in her dark ensembles paired with a matching, signature dark lip, and her outfit worn in the Instagram post was perfectly in tune with the singer's usual style. And, also, may I add, very Taylor Swift in a certain way...maybe the two BFFs have been swapping closets recently? In any case, Lorde looks like a straight-up model in this picture. And while I, personally, hope she stays away from BFF Swift's choice to completely abandon her signature curly hair (seriously, though, how is T-Swift's hair just NEVER naturally curly anymore? I'm so confused) because I love it.

But it's safe to say that Lorde can pull off just about anything these days — including, but not limited to, extremely long, witchy nails, jet-black lipsticks, hats that have wider brims than any you've seen before, straight hair, curly hair, and any combination of the previously listed looks.