Some REAL Beyonce Questions Suited for 'Jeopardy'

There are many ways to measure Beyonce's success: her annihilation of the internet when she sprung BEYONCE the visual album on us last December; the fact that she's won more awards than any other artist alive right now; that her and Jay Z's combined net worth is literally one billion dollars. But perhaps no more telling of just how ubiquitous and culturally influential on the zeitgeist Beyonce is than the fact that on Tuesday night, on the Tournament of Champions, no less, Queen Bey had her own Jeopardy category. Meaning that Alex Trebek uttered the phrase, "That liquor get into me." (I wonder if someone had to teach him how to properly pronounce "Bey").

Fitting that the category "& Beyonce" (the one before was "Above") appeared on the Tournament of Champions, because is there anyone more exemplary of a "champion" than Bey? But—and I deign to disrespect Jeopardy, as it's near and dear to my heart—but the Beyonce-fied questions were too easy. What is this, amateur hour? The champions passed with flying colors, with one exception: Arthur Chu gave the misnomer "Drunk on Love" instead of "Drunk IN Love," but besides that, there was little to no challenge. Here are what the answers SHOULD have been, questions that require a curated knowledge of Queen Bey. (Answers at the bottom of the post).

And by the way, Arthur Chu, how dare you criticize the queen?


What it should have been: "According to this magazine, Beyonce is the most powerful celebrity in the world."


What it should have been: "This sixties crime film about an infatuated couple was the inspiration a Beyonce and Jay Z collaboration song."


What it should have been: "In 2003, this alter ego was created to help Beyonce get over her shyness on the stage."


What it should have been: "This funky, gold-sporting seventies singer was Beyonce's first big screen film role."


What it should have been: "In her Yonce video, Beyonce wears this item of clothing with a black and white fur coat."

There you have it: Bey questions that are actually challenging, rather than the foolishly simple ones actually featured on Jeopardy. At least Queen Bey won't be going anywhere soon, so hopefully her name will return to the Jeopardy board again with REAL questions next time.

Watch the clip below, and find the answers after:


1. What is Forbes Magazine?

2. What is Bonnie and Clyde?

3. Who is Sasha Fierce?

4. Who is Foxxy Cleopatra?

5. What is a red leotard?

Images: Play Jeopardy/ Youtube (5), Giphy