'My Best Friend's Wedding' Reunion in 'Osage Co.'

Just look at those two. It's the reunion we never knew we wanted, but it's glorious and heartwarming just the same. No, Dermot Mulroney doesn't play Julia Robert's love-interest in the upcoming August: Osage County , but we don't even care because seeing them share the screen again blankets us in warm nostalgia.

My Best Friend's Wedding might be my favorite movie of all time ... actually, it is my favorite movie of all time. Which makes this the reunion all the more sweet for me. I've watched Roberts' Julianne "Jules" Potter attempt to sabotage her best friend's, Mulroney's Michael O'Neal, wedding to a baby-faced Cameron Diaz more times than I can count and it never gets old. I might just go home and watch it again after writing this post.

Roberts' is calling her work on Osage , "the best acting experience of my life," adding, "I've never worked so hard in my life — and I've given birth to three children." She plays the daughter of a cancer-stricken-monster-mother, who happens to be played by 17-time Oscar nominee Meryl Streep, in the film that premiered this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Based on solely our view of the trailer, Roberts looks like she's done an impressive job in the film adaptation of Tracy Letts' Tony Award-winning play.

All things Oscar and awards season aside, here's why a Roberts-Mulroney reunion is perfect:

First of all, Julia Roberts is perfect from the hair to her late '90s wardrobe to her job as a food critic (HOW COOL?!) to the quirky, slightly manic personality she seems so comfortable in. Equally perfect is Dermot Mulroney being a shy and slightly awkward and doofy sports writer. Second of all, they're so good at playing best friends that it would only make sense for them to be best friends whose kids have playdates together in real life.

It's so damn cute how accurate their interactions are in this scene as they kind of tease and kind of flirt and kind of act possessive with each other. It's the best friend relationship you've always wanted to have with a guy but never could because real life isn't Hollywood. Maybe it was just me that felt that way, but whatever. Even though I know it's wrong and that it can't happen, I really always want Michael to realize how much he loves Jules in the end so they can live happily ever after and be "flaky", traveling journalists together. They have a song togther, for Christ's sake ("The Way You Look Tonight"), it only makes sense.

Even though Dermot pays Julia's sister's pot-smoking boyfriend in Osage and the same relationship isn't there and could never be, we still have the fond memories of them slow-dancing on a ferry and reminiscing about their good old days to keep us warm and fuzzy.

Just in case you've forgotten how great '90s movie trailers were, here's a great reminder full of perfect Julia-Dermot moments: