The Truth Behind Roy's Dreams Comes To The Surface

It’s a question that’s been plaguing our minds all week: Did Roy Harper kill Sara Lance? And thanks to Wednesday night’s Arrow episode “Guilty,” we discovered that this handsome Arsenal is anything but. That's right, folks, Roy did not kill Sara and all is back to being right in the world. Seriously, I could not be more relieved that this is the case. Here's the deal… Roy's continued dreams (or rather nightmares, I should say) prompt him to ask Felicity to run a blood test in order to see if there's still some Mirakuru serum left in his system.

Thankfully, she doesn't find any. However, when she learns what Roy's been dreaming of, she grows more and more concerned that it may be suppressed memories, as we all had feared. Apparently, Felicity had created her very own autopsy of Sara's death, and Roy's description of the kill eerily matches up with her cause of death. So… not great news, basically. Yet when Roy came clean to the group about what he and Felicity had discovered, Oliver let him go and remained unusually calm throughout the whole ordeal. I remember thinking that was kind of an odd reaction on Oliver's part, ya know? But now I understand: he knew the whole time that Roy wasn't guilty… well, at least of that death.

And this is where we're faced with the bittersweet part of this story arc. Roy's dreams were, indeed, memories of him killing someone, just not Sara. He was actually projecting a suppressed memory of the time he murdered a police officer while under the influence of Mirakuru. So what made it come to the surface now? Oliver believes the way Sara was murdered (with arrows) triggered his latent memories of his Season 2 kill. And while that's technically good news for Roy, it unfortunately doesn't change the fact that he's still a murderer.

This knowledge is obviously going to be a hard thing for Roy to bounce back from, but the fact that Oliver has made it clear he's not giving up or abandoning him is definitely a step in the right direction. Plus, I just always love a good bromance moment. Big bad Isaac was wrong. Roy isn't just another weapon in Oliver's arsenal (nickname alert!); he's an important member of Team Arrow. Ollie knows it. We know it. Hopefully Roy does too.

Of course, now this leaves us right back where we originally started and Sara's killer continues to walk free.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; pintasfun/Tumblr