So That Kills the Twin Theory on 'AHS'

Even since Ryan Murphy admitted that all four seasons of American Horror Story are tied together, fans have had a field day trying to determine all the links. Is Coven's Madison Montgomery related to Season 1's Montgomery couple, who put their dead son back together? Is Freak Show 's Dandy connected to Bloody Face? And how do all the aliens, Adam Levine-ness, and general insanity of Asylum fit into all of this? But perhaps no theory has held more water than the idea that Elsa has a twin, and Elsa's twin is possibly Asylum 's Sister Jude. And in Thursday's new episode, "Bullseye," might have proved the theory true. Sort of.

First, let's start with the origin of the theory: In American Horror Story: Freak Show's first episode, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a woman that looked just like Elsa in the audience while the cabaret singer-turned-freak show owner sang "Life on Mars." Never again did we see the woman, but fans did begin the speculation again when Elsa told Edward Mordrake that another woman had overshadowed her during her career. Immediately, fans thought of Judy Martin, the lounge singer who would become Sister Jude after an unfortunate hit-and-run led her straight to the convent. But no mention was made of a blood relative until "Bullseye," when Elsa told Kathy Bates' Elsa that she had a sister... who died before Elsa was born.

Okay, so that kills the twin theory. But it doesn't mean that that sister isn't Sister Jude. The timing of it could work out, considering Asylum takes place in Elsa's lifetime in the 1960s. Add to that the fact that a grand total of two characters from Asylum have or will appear on Freak Show (Lily Rabe is set to reprise her role as Sister Eunice), and it's highly possible that there's a link between seasons for Elsa as well.

Plus, Sister Jude figuring into Elsa's storyline could give the freak show leader a happy end to a very sad (and very lonely) life. Not only did the former dominatrix have to cope with getting her legs horrifically cut off in a snuff film, but she opted to start the freak show because she was so in need of a family. Providing her with the knowledge that she has a sister in a literal Sister? That's certainly cheerier than anything she could find in Knotty Pine. And does anyone really believe that Sister Eunice's return is only linked to Pepper's storyline?

Oh, Ryan Murphy, please don't be trolling us. Think of us little people and all the time we've spent theorizing when you finish out Freak Show. After all...

Image: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy.com