Dandy Mott & Bloody Face May Be Connected

As we all should've expected, there have been a ton of American Horror Story theories floating around ever since Ryan Murphy revealed all AHS seasons are connected. And while some may be a bit of a stretch, others actually have the potential to make a lot of sense. (Well, as much sense as this show allows anyway.) One theory, in particular, that's caught my attention is the possibility that Freak Show 's Dandy Mott is connected to Oliver Thredson's Bloody Face from Asylum . In fact, many Reddit users believe the two could even be blood(y) related. Just let that idea marinate in your head for a minute or two. I'll wait.

I mean, when you think about it, they really do have a lot in common. For starters, they both have some serious mommy issues to work through. I remember all too well Oliver's weird breastfeeding desires, which parallel quite perfectly with Dandy's cognac-filled baby bottle he prefers to dine with. Then there's the fact that they both seem to enjoy wearing masks… oh, and murdering people while they wear them. (NBD, right?) It could even be argued that they kind of look alike, making the argument of a possible connection all the more compelling.

And let's not forget that Gloria recently admitted to Dandy that the Mott family has a history "mental perversions" and psychotic behavior due to inbreeding. So since we already know murderous tendencies tend to run deep in this particular gene pool, what's to say Bloody Face isn't part of this messed up family tree as well? Let's look at our options…

They Could Be Brothers

Bloody Face, meet Bloody Body. Obviously, due to the 12 year time difference it wouldn't make sense to say Dandy is Oliver's father. The time line just wouldn't add up correctly for that. However, that doesn't mean they can't be closely related in some other way. Take brothers, for instance. It's entirely possible Dandy has a brother he has yet to know about. Perhaps Gloria didn't want to take on the burden of raising two children by herself, so she decided to give one up. (She isn't exactly Mother of the Year, after all.) Plus, we all know how Oliver recounted his days of living in an orphanage. What are the odds it happened to be located somewhere in Florida?

They Could Be Cousins

If it's too big of a jump to connect them as actual siblings, distant cousins seems more than in the realm of possibility. Gloria Mott could've once been Gloria Thredson, whose sister went on to have a baby and give it up for adoption. Little did she know what this one act of abandonment would eventually create. Gloria even admitted to abandoning Dandy in her own way by rarely being around during his childhood years. So it wouldn't be surprising if her sister shared the same tendencies — just to a bigger extreme.

They Could Be Doctor & Patient

On the off chance they aren't actually related, Murphy could still find a way for them to be connected to each other. Oliver becomes a psychiatrist, after all, and given the dark and twisted path Dandy is heading down, Gloria could decide to have her son start seeing a private specialist. If Oliver eventually takes Dandy on as a patient there's no telling what kind of terrors this dynamic duo could unleash. Perhaps Dandy's mask (aka Twisty's former mask) is what inspires Oliver to create his own Bloody Face mask. When it comes to AHS, I've learned to accept that pretty much anything is possible.

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