Toddler Gets Adorably Emotional Watching Movie

Look, I'm not here to judge. I am a person who gets weirdly emotional during movies, and I don't mean free passes like Titanic. I mean I was watching High School Musical 3 last night (I repeat, NOT HERE TO JUDGE) and my throat got inexplicably tight when they said their last "screw you" to the fourth wall and started shimmying that last number during graduation. That being said, I was nowhere near as wrecked as this adorable little girl who gets emotional watching a movie in the car. I'm pretty sure even I have never cried that hard over nonfictional people.

The movie in question comes straight out of 1987. Anyone else kind of sort of vaguely remember The Chipmunk Adventure? Obviously a classic, since it not only endured in my youth in the '90s, but has apparently made a comeback some 27 years later to emotionally destroy another generation of toddlers. In the movie the Chipettes (who were always cooler than the Chipmunks, I do not apologize) obtain a lost baby penguin, and sing a song about mothers while they worry about how to reunite him with his again. The little girl in the video tears up during the emotional song, but completely loses it when mommy and baby penguin find each other again. It is almost painful to watch. She tries so hard to hold it in and it is so adorable that if you find yourself also tearing up a little bit then you're in good company.


In the meantime, I've taken it upon myself to make a list of movies that this child should never watch without the emotional support of other movie-criers, and the last few scenes of Tangled and basically the entirety of The Notebook are predictably at the very top. You can watch her adorable tears and restore some of your faith in humanity (chipmunk-anity?) by watching the video:

Images: YouTube; Giphy