33 Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Plus-Size Babes, Because "Ugly" Is Actually Super Cool

It's no secret that fashion is getting a bit... ironic. Hipsters have perfected the whole grandpa cardigan thing. Loads of people are purchasing tattered vintage gems to create that "just got out of bed" look. Dr. Martens are totally in (the older and more destroyed the better). But the best apparel in the way of "ugly" fashion is most definitely the ugly Christmas sweater. And now's the time to shop the best in the worst.

Like most "trends," ugly holiday sweaters have previously been very difficult to find in anything over a 12. This year's different. And the greatest thing is that these sweaters get the balance of, "Is this completely hideous," and, "Actually, I'm in love," just right.

I don't know what it is about ugly Christmas sweaters that's so wonderful. Maybe it's the fact that wearing them leads to one of the few times in life when you can literally look grotesque and not be judged (and if you are judged, you just don't care). Perhaps it's the fun that comes from searching for the ugliest, but most fashionable, one. Or maybe it's just the paradox created by the simultaneous awesomeness and "worse-than-a-garbage-bag" feel housed in the fuzzy knitwear. For whatever reason, sweater shopping is one of the best parts of the season. And this year, there's a whole lot of beautiful ugly to choose from.

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