These Girls Prove How Badass Martial Arts Are

You know what? Screw CGI and special effects. These two girls performing at the 10th World Wushu Championships in Toronto will remind you exactly how badass martial arts can be. While I often associate art of "Ka-ra-TE!" with Ross from Friends , it's easy for us all to forget that the human body is capable of some truly impressive things. Like martial arts routines that will leave The Matrix fight sequences looking like total pus battles. I mean, these girls will have you rethinking everything you thought was lame about martial arts, because every move they make is like magic.

It's like a dance mashed up with fighting, but not in a douchey capoeira way. These girls could probably rip your throat out if they wanted to, that's how fast and strong their moves are. There's one point at which the girl in yellow, on her knees, is attacked by the girl in red, who is stabbing a spear at the kneeing girl's throat. The kneeling girl dodges her with the speediest, most dexterous neck wave I've ever seen. Next thing you know, Beyoncé will be tracking down these girls and co-opting their moves for her dance choreography. You read it here first! Watch below.

Image: Getty Images