Does J. Law Really Hate Singing?

by Nicole Pomarico

No matter how many times I've been forced to do it in my life, getting up in front of a crowd to talk is one of the most terrifying experiences in the world. The public speaking class that was a gen ed requirement in college? I dreaded it every week, twice a week for an entire semester. In fact, the only thing worse than speaking in front of people is singing in front of people, and as it turns out, Jennifer Lawrence agrees with me. In Mockingjay — Part One, Jennifer Lawrence has to sing, and she's said in multiple interviews that it was her least favorite experience while filming the movie. Can you blame her?

And if you saw Lawrence on Late Night with David Letterman Wednesday night, you heard her rendition of the song she had to perform at school that scarred her for life. I am just as in love with Jennifer Lawrence as the next girl, but that voice is horrible. The most ironic thing about Lawrence's fear of singing? She sure does end up doing it a lot. Not only does Lawrence sing in her latest Hunger Games film, but she sang in the first one, too — and in a whole bunch of her other movies. It's kind of insane how much this girl sings. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say she was asking for musical numbers as part of her contract.

The idea that I will probably never see Lawrence on Broadway or starring in a musical is a little heartbreaking, but it's something I can live with — especially since she gave us these fabulous displays of musical genius to enjoy.

The Hunger Games

I can't go into detail about this one because it will make me cry just thinking about it, but Lawrence singing "Rue's Lullaby" always gets me right in the feels. See? This one isn't so bad!


When Lawrence guest-starred on Medium, she tearfully sang Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over." The combination of her emotional singing and the '80s hair make this the perfect scene. I need more of this.

American Hustle

Who could forget Lawrence's character, Rosalyn, singing "Live and Let Die" in American Hustle? Rosalyn was obviously completely nuts, but Lawrence can pull of crazy so well. And I have a feeling her elementary school training came through for her big time in this scene.

The House at The End of The Street

I have never seen The House at the End of the Street, because it's a scary movie and I don't do scary. However, this song from the trailer isn't half bad. If she sang like this in her play, her dad never would have made fun of her. Just saying.