Ranking Every Jim Carrey Movie from Worst to Best

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Jim Carrey is one of those performers who surpasses the idea of celebrity to reach that of institution. He is, more than an actor, an idea. There aren't simply movies that star Jim Carrey, but Jim Carrey movies — a concept you can identify without even giving it a moment's thought.

So what is a Jim Carrey movie? It involves facial contortions, character voices, and self-inflicted bodily harm. Perhaps the kingpin of the lot is Dumb & Dumber, the 1994 favorite whose long-awaited sequel hits theaters on Friday (after two decades of tireless quoting).

That said, Jim Carrey is hardly bound by this type... or, at least, he shouldn't be bound by it, as some of the finest works Carrey has delivered have been sensitive, soft-spoken, and dramatic. Of course, some of these serious turns have fallen flat (and hard), but that can be said for a handful of his comedies, too.

As such, I'm drawn to take a look at Carrey's films — comedic and dramatic, fantastic and abysmal — to assess which are the best and worst of the lot. In my roundup, I eschewed movies wherein Carrey played minor or insignificant roles, sticking only to those we'd call true Jim Carrey films: those in which his presence not only stands as important, but practically dominates the movie.

So take a look at this ranking of every Jim Carrey movie, ordered from worst to best!

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