12 Easy Pies To Make This Thanksgiving When You Have Nothing To Prove

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Pies are the best desserts in the universe, and if you disagree then you're probably a monster. No offense. Essentially, classic Thanksgiving pies are buttery, flaky sugar cookies filled with fruit, chocolate, or mushed up vegetables with so much sugar you can't even tell you're eating vegetables. Pies are magic. Pies are also very easy to make, especially if you're going the pre-made pie dough route. But even if you're not, even if you're a DIY queen and refuse to buy anything even remotely processed or touched in a factory, pies are still pretty simple to whip up.

Which is a relief, because if you're making Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing you really feel like doing is stressing over dessert. You've already got a million-pound raw turkey to deal with, so why complicate your life? Here are some super easy pie recipes that you absolutely must have in your life. These pies are yummy, and barely take more than an hour to make. You're welcome.

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