All The Times Karlie & Taylor Matched

by Erin Mayer

Taylor Swift is a well-known collector of famous BFFs. Arguably her most fabulous match-made-in-heaven is supermodel Karlie Kloss. I mean, they are basically the exact same person. And, like any true middle school best friends, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss like to coordinate outfits — a habit that certainly doesn't help the whole "impossible to tell them apart" thing.

According to CeleBuzz, the duo was spotted leaving ABC Kitchen in NYC wearing plaid outfits that didn't exactly match but fit together quite nicely in a way that almost definitely had to be planned. Both ladies stayed true to their own style, with Swift opting for a feminine ensemble composed of a checked coat, grey dress, polka dotted tights, Louboutin pumps, and her favorite burgundy leather Aldo purse. Kloss's take was tomboy chic — a plaid flannel tucked into black skinny jeans and white Chuck Taylor's.

One thing these power besties totally understand about matching outfits is this: you never want to match exactly or at least one of you will end up looking totally weird and uncomfortable. Kloss and Swift don't dress like twins whose parents buy everything in twos. No, they dress like friends who are on the same page but are still 100 percent originals.

This latest case of the Coordinating BFFs got me thinking about all the other times Swift and Kloss have looked like twos peas in a very stylish pod. Here are five of their best matching ensembles.

1. Black on Black

Two black turtlenecks, one with sleeves and one without.

2. Jeans and Booties

The. Same. Person.

3. Silvery Sparkle

Ice Queens.

4. Slinky Black Dresses

Channeling that Old Hollywood glam.

5. Light Colored Tees

Coordinating crisp white with pale grey.