20 Feminist Gifts So You Can Share The Joy of Gender Equality

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Gender equality fans, this feminist gift guide is the answer to all your holiday shopping desires. Whether you're shopping for your best friend, your little sister, your mom, your boyfriend, or yourself, make sure you pick up as many of these treasures as you can handle. If you're still not convinced you should give some girl power this year, just take a trip to your local toy store and come back here once the pink overwhelms you.

This diverse lists includes everything from period panties (so much fancier than you think) to a T-shirt Cara Delevingne owns. Not only are these goodies fun and stylish, they'll also help everyone in your life develop their own feminist mojo. And best of all, these empowering gifts will never go out of style — Leslie Knope and Ruth Bader Ginsburg paraphernalia will totally live on long after Barbie is gone.

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