Benedict Cumberbatch Got Cheeky & Puntastic In His Tumblr Homecoming


In a marketing move both brilliant and terrifying, the team behind Penguins Of Madagascar organized a Tumblr Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch. In case you've been living under an Internet rock for the past three years: Tumblr really loves Benedict Cumberbatch. But this Q&A did not go as weirdly as it could have! In fact, it went pretty calmly, and we got a little bit more intimate with Cumberbatch's love of wordplay.

The coming of Cumberbatch to his neglected kingdom was, all in all, a muted affair. But there were still some pretty delightful answers that cropped up along the way.

He calls himself overexposed

Cause, I mean, he is. He says as much when asked if he'd make a good secret agent:

Gotta love self awareness.

He makes some bird puns

Asked what animal he'd be other than the otter standby:

Dude really does like wordplay

Asked when people started recognizing him on the streets:


Jason Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He has a really adorable name idea for his hypothetical pet pengling


Though it seems like he'd be quite rude to talking animals

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He would make a horrible pizza

Question: "If you were a pizza what kind of toppings would you have?"

Warning: Do not eat Benedict Cumberbatch.

And he gets super philosophical about time travel

No wonder he and Tom Hiddleston are such good friends.

Image: benedictandhiddleston/Tumblr; Getty Images [2]