Benedict Did A Q&A In His Hometown Tumblr

In a marketing move both brilliant and terrifying, the team behind Penguins Of Madagascar organized a Tumblr Q&A with Benedict Cumberbatch. In case you've been living under an Internet rock for the past three years: Tumblr really loves Benedict Cumberbatch. But this Q&A did not go as weirdly as it could have! In fact, it went pretty calmly, and we got a little bit more intimate with Cumberbatch's love of wordplay.

The coming of Cumberbatch to his neglected kingdom was, all in all, a muted affair. But there were still some pretty delightful answers that cropped up along the way.

He calls himself overexposed

Cause, I mean, he is. He says as much when asked if he'd make a good secret agent:

Yes, because no one would expect someone as absurdly overexposed as me to be any good at keeping secrets. Having said that, I’ve managed to keep quite a few professional ones… so far…

Gotta love self awareness.

He makes some bird puns

Asked what animal he'd be other than the otter standby:

Not meaning to be eagle-tistical, but a gliding bird of prey has always struck me as something of great beauty — to be suspended in the air, defying gravity with majestic views all around you. Without anyone with a smartphone standing nearby, watching you. Strikes me as being pretty cool.

Dude really does like wordplay

Asked when people started recognizing him on the streets:

When my parents first took me out in the pram and they recognized me as my parents’ son. It was a heady moment. I’m still trying to get my little heady around it.


Jason Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

He has a really adorable name idea for his hypothetical pet pengling

Butterball. or Flightless.


Though it seems like he'd be quite rude to talking animals

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
I’d tell it to be quiet

He would make a horrible pizza

Question: "If you were a pizza what kind of toppings would you have?"

Broken glass, barbed wire, and a little bit of grit

Warning: Do not eat Benedict Cumberbatch.

And he gets super philosophical about time travel

If I could survive it, [I would visit] the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution. That pace of change, evolution, progressiveness. Especially when we moved towards abolishing the slave trade and then slavery. The human cost of the advances of the era were too high and horrendous to contemplate let alone live through and wish upon the world again. But what an exciting time to be alive in to witness the pioneering adventures, inventions, revolutions of political and social thought - how alive all forms of culture were in these great leaps forward in various aspects of the human world. It seems very exciting from a distance - maybe I’d regret it the moment I stepped out of the time machine.

No wonder he and Tom Hiddleston are such good friends.

Image: benedictandhiddleston/Tumblr; Getty Images [2]