10 Sneaky Uses For Clear Nail Polish

by Miki Hayes

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit of a nail polish hoarder. I have more bottles than I can go through in a lifetime, and I'm constantly switching up my nail color. But as much as I love a fresh mani, there's one step I almost always skip: a top coat. I know this is probably a crime against manicure mavens everywhere, but I think my justification goes something like: I'll have to remove this in a week point in having to fight another layer of polish... Or something like that. But despite my disdain for the clear stuff, I always have a bottle on hand (heh heh). Why, you ask? Because a top coat or clear nail polish has other uses outside of your weekly manicure.

Just around the house, a clear polish can go a long way. It can be used to seal envelopes, make labels smudge-proof, and thread needles. But it can go even further to waterproof matches, seal splintered wood, and even prevent a windshield crack from spreading. This little gem isn't just a lifestyle hack, though. Here are 10 fashion and beauty related tips that will make keeping a clear polish at the ready worth your while.

1. Keep Shoes Shiny

If you notice there's a part of your shoes that scuffs easily, painting clear polish over the area will keep them from getting so easily marked up.

2. Keep Laces From Unraveling

Don't replace your shoelaces. Just paint some clear polish over the ends to stop them from fraying.

3. Keep Hose From Running

Florian Seefried/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stop a run in its tracks by painting a little clear polish over it. Although not a permanent solution, this will help your tights at least get through the night.

4. Keep Glasses Together

The little screws in glasses and sunglasses become loose over time, and it can be a pain to take them to be tightened. Keep the screws from becoming loose as quickly by painting a little polish over them.

5. Keep Jewelry From Tarnishing

Costume jewelry can rust quickly. Paint a thin layer over your pieces to keep them from tarnishing as quickly, plus ward off that weird green tint it leaves on your skin.

6. Keep Jewelry In Its Place

Gems popping out of their settings? Easy. Paint a little polish on the back of the stone and stick it back where it belongs. The polish will act like glue and keep your jewelry from falling apart again.

7. Keep Buttons From Disappearing

Paint a little clear polish over the part of your buttons that are threaded. The polish will make the thread stronger, keeping it from fraying, and keeping your buttons from popping off your sweater and rolling away.

8. Keep Your Shaving Cream From Rusting

If you find those cans of shaving cream leave rust rings in your shower, paint the bottom of the can with clear polish. This barrier will keep your shaving cream from leaving any more annoying marks.

9. Keep Your Skin Clear

Don't spend extra money on specific guards. If buttons on jeans, buckles on belts, or certain pairs of earrings make your skin itchy, you might have a nickel allergy. Try painting a coat of clear polish over the areas that come in contact with your skin so you can keep wearing what you like.

10. Keep Your Options Open

Clear nail polish doesn't have to stay, well, clear. Try mixing in a pigment to make your own custom nail polish color.

Images: Giphy (1); Jo Christian Oterhals, Marie Kare, Amanda K/Flickr;; Miki Hayes (4)