'The Good Wife' Episode "Sticky Content" Reveals Alicia May Still Have Feelings for Peter...What?!

Whoa. Whoa. On Sunday night's new episode of The Good Wife , "Sticky Content," Alicia discovers that Peter may be sleeping with Ramona Lytton, his new lawyer (and her old friend). Dun dun DUNNN! So, Frank Prady comes to Alicia's office with a shoebox full of "dirt" on her and her family that he claims to have gotten from Jim Castro just before he dropped out of the state's attorney race. Prady says that he won't use any of it (he doesn't want to "go negative"), so he gives the box to Alicia. She resists opening it for an admirable amount of time, but eventually, she gives in. At first, the dirt isn't all that dirty. Finn leaving Alicia's apartment. Seen it already! Alicia and Will Gardner at the hotel. Sigh. Seen that, too. Then, a series of pictures of Peter and Ramona looking...quite cosy together at dinner. Next, Peter undressing. Finally, Ramona leaving the office late at night. Uh oh. I have to say, Alicia's surge of emotion upon seeing these pictures looks a whole lot like jealousy to me.

Could Alicia possibly still have feelings for that lying, dirty, cheating, six-foot sack of crap that goes by the name of Peter Florrick?

Yeah, I think she does. Now, admittedly, when Alicia confronts Peter about the affair later in the episode, she says that she isn't jealous — she just doesn't want his sexual escapades to muck up her campaign. I could almost buy that if her reaction to the incriminating photos wasn't so visceral — she immediately picks up the phone and calls Peter, ready for a fight. Alicia told Peter during Season 5 that she didn't care who he slept with, just as long he kept it from her and the kids. Clearly, he's not keeping up his end of the bargain, so it makes sense that she would be upset — but I think there's something more here.

Earlier in Season 6, Alicia absolutely lit up when Peter surprised her by attending her campaign announcement event. His presence really meant something to her. Even though they had just fought the day before, it still made Alicia happy to see him, to see that he still "cared" (if that's what you want to call it — he may have just been looking out for his own political career). It makes sense. Alicia and Peter built a life together. I'm sure that there were good times. It may never be possible for Alicia to completely "get over" Peter, and I get that. But let's face it: generally speaking, Peter sucks! Whether or not he was recently sleeping with Ramona is still unknown, but he hints to Alicia that he was definitely sleeping with her in the past (you know, when Alicia was pregnant with Grace). Peter promises that he won't do anything to embarrass Alicia, and then, near the end of the episode, he goes and and gives Ramona a big ol' kiss! Something tells me it didn't stop there.

Peter has very little regard for Alicia. He doesn't care that he's putting both her campaign AND his governorship in jeopardy — he's going to continue his affair with Ramona just because she asked him not to. It's as simple as that. This relationship is beyond toxic. I just wish that Alicia could finally be free of Peter, once and for all.

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