Who Was Replaced In “Do They Know It’s Christmas” Redux? Everyone But Bono, Basically

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As you may know by now, a cover of the 1984 supergroup song "Do They Know It's Christmas?" debuted this week, serving as a a revamp of the star-studded Bob Geldof project Band Aid. The intent is still good, but times have definitely changed: record sales for the single back then benefited the famine crisis in Ethiopia, whereas, today, downloading the song will send proceeds over to help out with the current Ebola epidemic.

The other thing is... well, unless you're Bono, not everyone in the original "Do They Know It's Christmas" is as relevant today. Subsequently there's been a bit of a line-up switcheroo to update the song for the new generation. Is it perfect? Eh. To be honest, I'm just grateful that halfway through nobody was like, "Drop the bass, Skrill." Around this time of the year, it's the little things that count.

Click through to see some notable changes in this thoroughly modern remake.

Image: YouTube

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