Erika Christensen Is Engaged!

Julia Braverman is putting us through relationship hell on Parenthood this season. Is she going to stay with the lawyer guy, or is there still hope for her and Joel (fingers crossed)? The jury's still out on that one, but as far as Erika Christensen — you know, the actress who plays Julia — is concerned, her love life couldn't be happier. According to Us Weekly, Erika Christensen is engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Cole Maness, although she's not sporting her ring in public quite yet. How amazing is that? Except for one thing: Who is Cole Maness?

As it turns out, he's a pretty cool dude. In fact, after reading an interview he did with Rapha in 2009, I'm actually kind of fascinated by him. Maness is a 36-year-old mustachioed cyclist who was born in Memphis, Tenn. but now lives in LA. From what I can tell, he's crazy passionate about riding outdoors in all kinds of weather, and he's gotten Christensen out there and on a bike, too. And from the looks of his Instagram, it seems like he loves his new fiancée a lot, since his photos of her and his cycling adventures seem to appear in equal measure.

Here's a few facts about Maness so you can get to know him yourself:

He seems to spend plenty of time with the Parenthood gang

Christensen seems to have brought him to the show's 100th episode party as her date, and there's no way I could possibly be more jealous.

He and Christensen go on tons of adventures together

Most of their adventures include bikes and many photos, some posed and some candid, that Maness takes of Christensen. How sweet is that?

He gave her a pocketknife, even though it was bad luck

"He said it's bad luck to give a knife as a gift and wanted me to buy it for a penny," Christensen told Us Weekly. "I bought it with a kiss instead."

OK, stop. Too cute.

He has an interesting outlook on life

In that interview I told you about earlier, Maness explained his particular brand of positivity like this:

I think I bring an essence of positivity to the room, I try to help others realize the pros and throw all of the cons on the ground and stomp the s--t out of them. If your left knee is hurting, I’ll ask how your right knee feels. Chances are you’ll either fall into my guise, or drop back a couple of bike lengths to get away from me.

Sounds like a pretty good guy to have around in times of crisis, right? Exactly the kind of attitude to look for in a potential lifemate.

And he and Christensen are seriously adorable as a couple

Like these date nights they have when they're apart? I can't wait for this wedding!