Video of Taylor Swift in 8th Grade Is Fantastically Awkward — VIDEO

Is there anything worse about school than a group project? Usually, I'd say no, but today, my answer has changed. There is something worse — uploading that project to YouTube, only to become ridiculously famous later and have that video resurface. Taylor Swift is living that dream currently, as a friend of one of her old classmates linked the world to a project Swift was a part of in the eighth grade: a fantastically hilarious fake commercial for a business called Paco's Paradise Smoothies. And as for Swift? She plays the role of "Island Girl," credited as "Talyor Swift." If you haven't seen this video, you need to. It is amazing.

In the video, Swift appears, a smoothie in her hand and a flower in her painfully straight hair — actually, I'm pretty sure this was filmed around the time the original "No, It's Becky" picture was taken — to help advertise drinks so good they quite literally send preteen boys swirling into another galaxy. And I'm pretty sure it's Swift's horrible accent (which, more or less, is supposed to be Caribbean, I think) that is responsible for listing off the smoothie flavors at the end of the video.

Is it embarrassing? Sure. Is Taylor Swift the only celebrity to have her days of middle school awkwardness come back to haunt her? Absolutely not. These celebs did too, and I'd say Swift is in some pretty good company.

Edward Carlson on YouTube

Kim Kardashian

Entertainment Tonight on YouTube

Oh boy. This is exactly how everyone acted in middle school, and if I had to relive it, I would probably die from sheer humiliation. Fortunately, Kardashian's kinda used to her unfiltered thoughts making their way to television airwaves. Watch the video above to see her call herself "dope on a rope" and proclaim that she is the most popular girl in school. Also, that haircut. Please, never get a bob again.

Emma Stone

hmm1234 on YouTube

Before Emma Stone was Emma Stone, she was Emily Stone — a contestant on what I can only assume was a truly horrible reality show called In Search of the Partridge Family. Her voice isn't bad, and in 2001, that hemline on her dress was all the rage. Fun fact: Early '00s pop star Teddy Geiger also competed.

Katy Perry

I know this video is long, but if you have time, watch it. In this video, a very young pre-fame Perry speaks candidly about life on the road and attempting to start her career, and it's actually more refreshing than embarrassing. It's crazy to get an insight into what her life was like right before her music became super popular.