No Domestic Violence Charges For Zimmerman (Yet)

George Zimmerman will not face charges following a "possible domestic violence incident" involving his estranged wife Shellie, largely because he caused so much destruction to the iPad she was using to video-record their argument that authorities cannot quickly recover images.

"The iPad is in really bad shape," said Lake Mary Officer Zach Hudson. According to Hudson, it could be several weeks or months before the video is analyzed since investigators currently lack the tools necessary to extract it.

"We're doing everything possible in order to get that video," Hudson said. "We're going the extra mile and sooner or later we hope to have something. But at this point there's definitely no guarantee."

There's an iCloud cautionary tale if we've ever heard one.

Zimmerman was questioned by police Monday after a "possible domestic violence incident" that occurred during an argument between him and Shellie over how to divide household goods. He admitted to destroying the iPad and can be seen piercing it with some kind of tool on a video from their home security system, then flinging it to the ground.

Shellie Zimmerman decided not to press charges. Even though Florida law allows police to arrest someone for domestic violence without the consent of the victim, Hudson told the Orlando Sentinel that without video corroboration to back up her account there would be no arrest, since she changed her story about her estranged husband threatening her with a gun.

Leaked audio of the 911 call Shellie Zimmerman made to the police reveals that, by her account, George punched her father and was threatening to shoot the family. "He's in his car, and he continually has his hand on his gun, and he keeps saying, 'Step closer,' and he's just threatening all of us with the firearm," Shellie can be heard saying on the recording. "I don't know what he's capable of. I'm really, really scared."

Hours later, she told police she hadn't seen a gun.

The destroyed tablet also means Shellie Zimmerman won't face arrest either — George Zimmerman had filed a counter-complaint alleging she hit him with the iPad.

Hudson did not rule out future charges, in the case that someone figures out how to recover the iPad video.