Marquel Martin Tells Us About His Favorite Cookie

If you thought you'd seen the last of Bachelorette fan-favorite Marquel Martin after he was denied a rose for the second time on ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, think again. While he's no longer vying for love on reality television, he's heavily invested in his latest business venture, a shop called Social Cookie that's anticipated to open in Las Vegas. Lovingly referred to as the "cookie monster" on his season of The Bachelorette, Marquel has harnessed his lifelong passion into a promising business model.

According to its Kickstarter campaign, Social Cookie is "the first social media-inspired treat," with an ever-evolving menu based on what's currently trending online. The cookie themes will also be designed based on holidays, seasons, and worthy causes. Marquel and his business partner (who he met on Instagram) are looking to support charities at the forefront of social media by donating a portion of their proceeds. Their store will also feature the opportunity to build your own batch of cookies that come with personalized labels where you can write messages to family or friends. They describe the vibe on Kickstarter as a "modern lounge space with dim lighting, a gourmet selection of cookies, ice cream, yogurts, milks, coffee, dessert wines, and other perfect complimentary delicious treats." They plan on staying open 24/7, and even delivering cookies throughout Vegas to satisfy your late-night cravings.

I spoke with Marquel on the phone to get the inside scoop on the business (and a few other things.) Here's what he had to say:

1. How did your time on The Bachelorette influence your decision to pursue this new business?

I would say that just me having a history of loving cookies was the initial spark, I always wanted to do something around cookies other than eat them. My Dad, being that he owned his own hair salon, always instilled in me that entrepreneurial mindset.

When I got back from the show, one of the fans approached me and said, “Hey, you’re the cookie monster from The Bachelorette.” My friends and family have been calling me “cookie monster” for as long as I can remember, but [the fact] that the fans identify with me kind of organically created a brand.

2. Have you received any support for Social Cookie from The Bachelor community?

I definitely received a lot of positive feedback from some of the Bachelor family. Sean Lowe is amazing and he befriended me over Twitter. He was kind enough to write a blog on it, and he donated and supported. Ron, Dylan, Nick, JJ, and a couple others have reached out to me through text message. I’m just extremely grateful for those individuals.

3. Being that you're a cookie connoisseur, do you do any baking yourself?

You know what’s funny, I definitely eat more cookies than I actually bake. I have a few recipes, but I’m not so much a chef. Just like a wine connoisseur, I’m definitely a cookie connoisseur. I just like to taste various cookies around the world, wherever I go. I think I have been gifted with special taste buds for a good cookie.

I think I have been gifted with special taste buds for a good cookie.

4. What’s the best cookie you’ve ever had?

I’d have to say these chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joe’s. I just love them. At least once a week, I just get a pack of 16, throw them in the oven, and then I’ll eat all 16 in one sitting.

5. I have to ask, what’s going on with the love life right now?

Cookies are definitely the love life, however, I definitely have an interest in sharing those cookies with someone.

6. If former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman were a cookie, which one would she be?

I hope she doesn't kill me for this, but she may be...what's a stern cookie? I'd say like a Macadamia Nut just because she has that whole law background. I think that she errs on the side of stern professionalism.

If you'd like to help fund Social Cookie, visit Marquel's Kickstarter page to help them reach their goal. You can also follow Social Cookie here on Facebook, or on Instagram and Twitter at @socialcookielv.

Image: Social Cookie/Facebook, Marquel Martin/Instagram, Ok! Here is the Situation