Marquel On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Is A Total Waste

With this season coming to an end, campaigns for Marquel Martin to become the next Bachelor have definitely surfaced, though they've been drowned out by similar pleas from the Chris Soules camp and the Marcus Grodd fanbase. Sure, we all saw the brutal elimination of one of this season's nicest guys, but Marcus will bounce back just fine. The same goes for Chris. Of course, ABC has a reputation for choosing the next Bachelor from the Top 3 finalists, which means Josh Murray, Chris Soules, and Nick Viall would be the only viable options (though, let's be real, Josh is going to win this season).

But ABC can't just pick any old guy from the Season 10 roster, no way. They could choose Craig Muhlbauer, who would probably be drunk the entire time and turn the season into a strange The Bachelor and The Jersey Shore mashup, which, actually sounds amazing now that I think about it (they could call it Drunk In Love). There's always Brian Osborne, but considering he's the King of Normal or "The Most Normal Bachelorette Contestant Ever," that may not be a very interesting season. I feel like JJ O'Brien could have a very innovative Project Runway-inspired date where the girls have to make him a pair of pants if he was The Bachelor, so that would be weird. You've also got Bradley Wisk, who I fear would turn his hypothetical season into a strange singing spinoff, similar to The Voice. Although, if Adam Levine guest starred, I wouldn't be opposed to it.

In my eyes, there's really only one option for the next Bachelor, and it's got to be Marquel — even if we already know he can't be. He's the total package, and his talents are being squandered on Bachelor In Paradise.

For those of you new to the Bachelor franchise, in the wake of Bachelor Pad being cancelled (picture a sad face emoji here), ABC decided to throw us Bach fans a bone. Bachelor in Paradise takes a smattering of contestants from a variety of seasons, sends them to an exotic island (hence the Paradise part), and then they pair up. A new duo is introduced every week, alternating between men and women. The host with the most will be returning, though Chris Harrison should be The Bachelor once he's done hosting this season. Can you imagine the ratings boost?

It looks like Marquel's having a lot of fun and may already be attracting some attention from a few ladies.

But that's not the point! Marquel is one of the best all around guys that this show has seen in quite awhile. I can't think of one single person who would make a better Bachelor than him. I could name reasons for days, but in the interest of time I'll just name a few:


Marquel's got a fantastic smile. It reminds me of Josh Murray's in a way. How can you say no to these pearly whites? I bet he's won every argument he's ever been in simply by flashing that movie star grin. Not to mention that facial hair is on point.


It's so refreshing to see someone who can laugh at themselves. I know plenty of girls who would be charmed by Marquel's sense of humor alone.


Andi managed to woo the guys with some pretty fantastic ball gowns, sneaker wedges, and gorgeous makeup (not to mention her sharp wit and personality). With Marquel being the snappy dresser that he is, he won't disappoint.


They don't call Marquel "The Cookie Monster" for nothing. Whether it's bringing Andi cookies during their first one-on-one time or proclaiming his love for cookies in almost every one of his Instagram pictures, this man has a sweet tooth. Can you imagine a super cute cookie baking group date?


I can already see girls bringing Marquel kooky socks as part of his Season Premiere when they first meet him.


Who wouldn't want to cuddle up on the couch for a little HoC with their bae, Marquel?


Don't you just wanna pinch those chubby little cheeks? Marquel was pretty much the cutest baby ever, and he went on to become even more handsome. I can't even imagine how cute his future kids will be.


He loves pizza. We love pizza. What's not to like?

I could go on and on about Marquel's dance skills, his killer personality, his incredible body (which we'll get to see shirtless on Bachelor in Paradise), and his sweet tooth. He's simply too good of a Bachelor option to be wasted on a season of Bachelor in Paradise. I know it. The fans know it too!

Even JJ is Team #MarquelForBachelor

The only things stopping Marquel from becoming the next Bachelor are ABC, his new spot on Bachelor in Paradise... and maybe this questionable haircut he got for his brother's wedding:

Images: ABC; Giphy; jayloni_martin/Instagram (9)