To Honor Solange's Wedding Dress, 12 Times Capes Absolutely Killed It On The Red Carpet

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Can you believe Solange wore multiple capes for her wedding? I mean, how awesome is that? There was her ultra-regal (and ever so slightly cult-ish) ceremony cape, and her fun, not-so-casual bike ride in the city cape after. There's a reason why Kim Kardashian's characteristically obnoxious #breaktheinternet campaign has started to catch on for Solange's coolest-ever wedding photos.

Anyway, capes are kind of the ultimate statement piece, so what could possibly be better for your big day? They're always going to be high-impact; fancy and superhero-esque, with a dash of Game of Thrones glam factored in for good measure. So, in honor of Solange's supremely awesome wedding pics, I think it's time to pay tribute to the cape dress.

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