Solange's Wedding Photos Are... Different

by Arielle Dachille

Something you should know about Solange: she laughs in the face of wedding attire prescriptions. Solange got married this weekend, and the all-white dress code for the event made for some seriously fun wedding portraits. And when I say fun, I mean that the pictures look like very high-end Guilty Remnant group photos in the best way possible. All they're missing are the cigarettes.

To say the least, this event will surely be the object of alt-wedding lust for the Esty-set for years to come. On Sunday, Knowles married her long-time boyfriend, videographer Alan Ferguson in an intimate New Orleans ceremony held at the rustic Holy Trinity Church. Bride and groom arrived via vintage bike, for which Solange wore a snappy ivory jumpsuit because everyone knows that riding a bike in a wedding dress is a bad idea. Big sis Beyoncé, mom Tina Knowles, Jay Z, and Janelle Monae all showed up to watch Solange walk down the aisle in a streamlined Kenzo dress complete with an attached cape. She slayed .

Given the attire, the wedding pictures snapped by photographer Rog Walker looked somewhat like the family portraits of a very stylish religious cult. Instead of crowding together in typical wedding portrait fashion, the photos featured the coven of attendees standing at uncomfortable distances and staring seriously into the camera with varying degrees of success. Beyoncé and Tina Knowles had the "nonplussed but pretty" face down pat, while some other members of the group just looked plain bored. Janelle Monae was the token person in the group who couldn't keep a straight face.

See the adorable cheesing girl all the way to the right. That's a pop star who didn't get the "sexy glare" memo.

Everyone who needs to take a rest, feel free!

Here are man and wife, containing their boundless love for the sake of a killer photo.

Here it is... the pantsuit heard round the world.

The high priest and priestess of offbeat weddings survey their territory.

Here are Bey and Jay with their nephew. Best aunt and uncle ever.

Solange's son Juelz, from a previous marriage, looked extremely dapper.

Runner up for best-dressed is Blue Ivy.

Dontcha just wanna sing some Gregorian Chants in this cavernous church?

Take notes, all you Brooklyn brides-to-be.