Kim Kardashian is Nearly Naked in These 19 Outfits — Girl Definitely Loves Her Cutouts

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Celebrities gracing the red carpet in various states of undress is an unavoidable fact at this point in history. Case in point, as a general sartorial guideline, Kim Kardashian seems to avoid demure clothing like the plague. Showcasing one's assets is a right that women thankfully have in America, but when nearly all of those assets are on display, viewers are left with a mind-numbing case of sensory overload. Whether backless, front-less, plunging, or all of the above, Kim bares her skin like it's going out of style. And after the public kerfuffle caused by Kardashian's derriere-baring Paper Magazine cover, it seems that no part of the reality star's body has been left unseen. Here are 19 other occasions when Kim opted to bare almost all in public.

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