Sitch Speaks Out About 'Jersey Shore' Behavior

Since the end of Jersey Shore last year, the usually outspoken Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has remained relatively quiet in the media. Sure, there was his attempt at a Gawker-inspired gossip blog, SitchNews , earlier last year, but overall, Sitch has stayed out of the limelight while his ex-costars like Snooki, JWOWW, Vinny, and Pauly D all moved on with various other MTV-led endeavors (read: reality shows). Until now — Sitch is finally breaking his silence, and to show us he's all classy now, Sitch gave an interview about sobriety, and the drug addiction he battled during Jersey Shore to, of all outlets, The Associated Press. OK, tell us, Sitch:

Former "Jersey Shore" cast member Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino realized he had an addiction problem on a trip to Australia in February 2012.
He ran out of a prescription to treat an injury suffered during a 2010 stint on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."
"All I had to do was get dressed for a family function and I couldn't do that," Sorrentino said Monday in an interview with The Associated Press. "The shirt was laid out, the belt, the pants, everything. The shower was on. I couldn't even get out of bed," he said. Then he thought, "If I can't do that how am I going to continue?"

The article goes on to say that Sitch checked himself into rehab, where doctors prescribed a medication used to treat opioid addiction — one that he still takes, to this day, combined with counseling. It's impressive, if you consider the fact that during Jersey Shore he constantly seemed like he was high on something, and spent most of his time hatching some diabolical plan to ruin Snooki's life (that he never acted on).

For one, he stopped working out as much which was out of character. Also, he recalls "People would say, 'Mike's not the same Mike we've seen before.'" He would respond, "I don't know what they're talking about" or chalk it up to someone not liking him or the show, but now says, "I was suffering a disease." [...]

The focus is on fitness, family, cooking and he says he also has a girlfriend.

He tries to look at life in 24 hour increments and his goal is to be "the best person I can be for those 24 hours."

Sounds like the Situation is officially a changed man — during his time on Jersey Shore, he constantly laughed off the idea of the g-word (girlfriend), even when he liked one girl whose name I'm admittedly too lazy to look up. There were a lot of girls. Pick one.

But hey, good for Sitch! Hopefully he doesn't go back to his ridiculous, shirt-lifting ways, because no one cares about his abs as much as he thinks they do. Stick with the turtlenecks: