‘Mockingjay’ Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, & Josh Hutcherson Love Getting Sappy

It's that time again, ladies and germs. The cast of The Hunger Games , aka the league of super-best friends, is in the midst of another shenanigan-filled press tour to promote the release of MockingjayPart 1. When they're not speaking in their own language of inside jokes, teasing each other about their rank breath, or reminiscing about their best pranks, they can actually get pretty sappily sweet about each other. It's a heartwarming display in all departments.

Now, usually I don't do this, but um, we're gonna go ahead and break you off a little piece of the platonic sound bite remix. Here are the seven most adorable things that Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson have said about each other. So much love in this room, right now.

Jen on Liam

“Liam is the most wonderful, lovable, just family-oriented sweet, hilarious [guy],” Jen told People at a press conference, “I guess the biggest surprise is that I would never expect to ever have a man this good-looking ever be my best friend. I never knew that those things could happen.” Dreams do come true thanks to the magic of friendship.

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Josh on Jen

“No, we never get sick of each other.” Josh told Yahoo! Screen in 2013. It shows, guys. It shows.

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Jen on Josh

Lawrence dished to MTV News on her first impression of Josh from a Hunger Games read: "He’s charming and nice and sweet, like a dog licking your face."

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Josh on Jen, Yet Again

Josh told MTV News, "Jennifer is incredible to work with, really she is so much fun and such an idiot but such a genius at the same time,” Hutcherson said. “I just love being around her and we have such a great time together.”

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Liam on Jen

“She’s obviously one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with,” Hemsworth told Jay Leno last year, “She’s incredible on set. She’s an absolute maniac in the best way possible.”

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Liam on Josh

As Hemsworth told Jimmy Kimmel in 2013, he first bonded with his co-star over a junk food adventure. He said, “We bought three or four of these briefcases of White Castle burgers… We took them back to his house, and we ate them. And then, about a half an hour later — this was our first real bonding experience, me and Josh, this is when we became good friends — we went out to his garden and we threw up together.” Look at these two, crushing the bromance.

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Josh on the Family Dynamic

When they were asked what the nicest thing they do for each other is by Bauer Media, Josh said: “The nicest thing we do for each other is be friends.” GAW…Money can’t buy all the love that’s here tonight.

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