You-Know-Who in 'Interstellar' and the Worst Parts of Good Movies

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Even the most well written, expertly performed, or immaculately directed piece of cinema is bound to have a setback or two. Sometimes, one of those flaws sticks with you long after seeing the movie, anchoring the whole project down just enough to remind you, upon any instance of thinking of the film altogether, “Man, that part was terrible.” Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has one of those major foul-ups… but the filmmaker isn’t trying to brush it under the table. Au contraire: he’s highlighting his flick’s biggest flaw in a new comic book.

The element I’m talking about (and, for those who have yet to see Interstellar, this is considered a pretty big spoiler) is the sequence involving surprise guest star Matt Damon. We stumble upon an isolate Damon late in the film only to hear him wax poetic on the tribulations of loneliness, and then go berserk and try to murder Matthew McConaughey “for the good of humanity.”

But Damon’s embarrassing Interstellar chapter is just one of many cringe-worthy elements in otherwise terrific films. Here are a few examples we’d probably be better off forgetting.

Image: Paramount Pictures

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