Artist Creates The Sassiest Starbucks Cups Ever

If I ever actually hazard a trip to Starbucks in the morning, odds are I am zonked beyond belief. I am barely able to hold a pen, let alone sign my name on a receipt, which is why I am in awe of artist Josh Hara's amazing drawings on Starbucks cups. Since February, the Columbus resident has been doodling on the big white space on the back of Starbucks cups and chronicling his endeavors on both Instagram and Twitter under the label #100CoffeeCups, and they are not only a gift to every zombified fellow coffee drinker, but also to the entire internet.

I can't decide what I'm more impressed by, his artistry or his mastery of sarcasm and puns. Not only are his cups all extremely pleasing to look at aesthetically (we are particularly huge fans of his Starbucks cup interpretation of Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine shoot), but the jokes behind them are timely, relevant, and totally on point. According to BuzzFeed, he is currently working as a creative director at a marketing agency, and as perfect as he probably is for that job, I can't help but selfishly wish that he would forsake them and leave so that he can continue to enrich our lives with even MORE of his epic Starbucks creations. If this actually ends after 100 cups, I will be devastated.

I also think this would be an excellent opportunity for Starbucks to capitalize on it and actually print these cups for public use, because I would be, if possible, even more likely to caffeinate myself if I knew I was drinking out of a Josh Hara creation. Here are just a few of his many works of art:

Images: Getty Images; Instagram