Who Is Nicki Minaj's Friend Grizz Lee?

When I listen to the lyrics in Nicki Minaj's raps and I can just tell that they're always about someone. I can just feel it. Nothing that she says ever sounds remotely hypothetical to me. Through some pretty explicit lyrics in Minaj's new song "Only," she has officially cleared up those rumors about her getting with both Drake and Lil' Wayne, but that just made me if there was an unspoken message there. Was Minaj actually getting with someone else? If rumors are to be believed, then the answer is yes. The word on the street is that Minaj is dating music video director Grizz Lee, after she referred to him as "my new Jewish boyfriend" in a TMZ video.

Yes, that is the guy who directed the music video for a song about her not having sex with the other members of Young Money. That sounds kind of awkward to me if they are dating, but good for them making that work. Whether or not Minaj and Lee are really dating still remains to be seen, but who is this elusive person? What's his back story? How do they know each other? What is his given name? I need to know everything I can.

His Real Name is Not Grizz Lee

Well, this was probably obvious, but it still needed to be said. Lee's given name is actually Alex Loucas.

He is a Music Producer

Lee directed the controversial lyric video for Minaj's song "Only," a controversy that lied in the use and glorification of Nazi imagery. Minaj apologized for this and said that it was not her concept and not something she supported, especially since Lee "happens to be Jewish." He has worked with other artists on YMCB (Minaj's label), such as Kid Ink, Soulja Boy, and Riff Raff, and he has also worked with major brands and networks including E!, ESPN, Beats by Dre, and Sears/Kmart.

He is Very Active on Social Media

We may not all know who Lee is, but there is a lot to creep on in the social media realm. Even though he has pretty much remained behind-the-scenes, he has accounts on Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo. He also has his own website, which showcases both his work and his client list. Browsing his social media accounts, it is clear that Lee is very talented and has a very diverse repertoire.

He has Known Minaj for a While

Minaj just got out of her relationship with longtime love Safaree Samuels, so it seemed like it was a little quick for her to meet someone completely new. In fact, Lee and Minaj have known each other for a long time. He has worked with her on music videos for her songs "The Boys," "High School," and "Come on a Cone." He has worked with other members of the YMCB family and he has Instagrammed quite a few posts about Minaj. Their long association makes it seem like Lee at least has a shot at something long term with the rapper — if their relationship truly ends up going there. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Good or bad, I am sure Minaj will spit some rhymes about it.