Carrie Cutter Is Trouble on 'Arrow'

Oliver Queen's alter ego is about to receive some dangerous love. On Wednesday night's episode of Arrow "Draw Back Your Bow," Team Arrow will come across Carrie Cutter — or Cupid, as she's most famously known — and she has quite the crush the green-hooded archer. So what do we really know about this obsessive Arrow groupie? Who is Carrie Cutter, aka Cupid? Well, according to the comics, the villainess is more dangerous than her name or her persona may seem and she may end up spelling trouble for not just Oliver but Laurel's new potential Black Canary gig.

We have already seen a quick tease of Cupid in last Wednesday's Arrow episode "Guilty," as she stalked Arrow's team throughout the episode (watch it again carefully and you'll see her) and finally revealed herself to a few security guards by wounding them, then uttering an extremely corny (yet somehow still entertaining) line "I'm Cupid, stupid." Clever. Not sure why she assumed people would already know who she was, but the line delivery worked so I'm letting it go for now. While we got a taste of what Cupid can do with a bow and arrow, there's still so much more to her than meets the eye.

In the comics, Cutter was a special ops soldier who was losing her grip on reality. She volunteered for an experiment with the military organization COBALT that would make her fearless and enhance her physical and military abilities but at a price. Cutter lost her memory and her mind and murdered many of the doctors who did the experiment on her. After escaping COBALT, Cutter went underground for years. Finally she resurfaced in Starling where she was attempting to kill her husband who was her obsession at the time. When Oliver, while on patrol, saw the scuffle and assumed it was a domestic assault with a husband attacking his wife. In reality it was Cutter poisoning and killing her husband. Oliver shot an arrow at Ross, Cutter's husband and incapacitated him, but Cutter's damage had been done. She spotted the arrow and her new obsession began. This time with Oliver.

In order to get the Green Arrow's attention, Cutter (in her new identity as Cupid) began killing many of the known Green Arrow enemies so that she could get Oliver's attention. She revealed herself to the Green Arrow and took credit for the kills, saying that she did it to get closer to him and to prove her love for him. While Cutter was obsessively in love with Oliver, she also obsessively hated the Black Canary. So if, by any chance, Laurel dons the official Black Canary costume and joins Team Arrow, she should most certainly be careful because the crazies will already be out to get her.

It's unclear if Arrow will show a flashback of Oliver incapacitating Cutter's husband or if the writers will go another route to show us how and when her obsession with the Green Arrow began, but to be honest, I'm actually really excited about this. Cupid may not necessarily be the worst enemy of the Green Arrow franchise, but she's certainly an interesting one — though it would be nice to see a female hero get an obsessive male fan in the same vein as Cupid, for once. Perhaps if Laurel gets the hang of actually being the Black Canary that just might happen.

Image: Diyah Pera/The CW