20 Movies to Watch With Your Significant Other

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You and your SO are like birds of a feather. You're always going to each other's work parties or performances, and friend's birthday parties and celebrations. But sometimes, you just want to stay in and be with each other.

It might just be the two of you in your jammies, or it could be an uber-romantic home-cooked meal followed by a favorite rom-com. But every once in awhile, you realize you've seen all of each other's favorite movies, or have a hard time agreeing on something because, despite being yin to the other's yang, you two have unique tastes in cinema. But there's some films one cannot go wrong with on a stay-in date night.

Get that popcorn ready because here is a list of the ultimate movies to watch with your significant other. These films will have you holding on to one another.

Image: Minerva Studio/Fotolia

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