20 of the Best Book Gifts For Twentysomething Lit-Lovers

She's not the girl who has everything — she's the girl who reads everything. So, what do you get the Rory Gilmore on your gift list this holiday season? Well, you probably shouldn't buy her a book. I know that seems a bit backwards, but hear me out. Even if she was just telling you about that Margaret Atwood book she’s been meaning to read (how thoughtful of you to take note!), do you really think she can wait until Christmas to get her hands on it? So before your friend beats you to the bookstore, consider getting her a gift that’s inspired by her favorite pastime instead.

Whether you’re shopping for a reader who prefers classic or contemporary, Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling, you’ll find something for any book-loving 20-something you know in this gift guide. From quirky clothes and home décor to more practical gifts (there's a waterproof e-reader!), the picks on this list cover a range of prices, so you’re bound to discover a thoughtful present that fits in your budget. And OK, there is one cookbook on here, but it's kind of a must-have for every fantasy novel nerd.

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

Moby Dick Tote Bag

Moby Dick Tote, $18, Out Of Print Clothing

Give this tote to a serious bookworm so she can haul her latest picks from the library. If she’s not a Melville fan, there are plenty of designs for other canon classics, too.

Fox Bookends

Fox Bookends, $64, Etsy

Practical and adorable, these metal fox bookends add color and cuteness to any shelf.

Library Candle

Oscar Wilde Library Candle, $21, Paddy Wax

Eau de Oscar Wilde? Aspiring writers will appreciate this soy candle inspired by the literary great. Who knows, maybe his library did smell like cedarwood, thyme, and basil.

John Waters Shorts

Women’s Don’t F*** ‘em Shorts, $19, S trand Books

Amen! Every lady should own a pair of these cheeky shorts, which quote John Waters.

Waterproof eReader

Kobo Aura H20 eReader, $180, K obo

The beach and the bathtub are two of the most relaxing reading spots — and both experiences are best enjoyed with beverages (margaritas! wine!). With this new e-reader, your recipient won’t have to worry about crinkled pages or a water-damaged device.

Great Gatsby Chart

The Great Gatsby Chart, $29, Popchart Lab

“Gatsby? What Gatsby?” Your flapper-obsessed friend will love hanging this chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Fitzgerald’s finest work in her apartment. Made in Brooklyn, the lithographic print uses vegetable-based inks.

Bag Ladies Tea

Novel Teas (Set of 25), $13, Uncommon Goods

While her tea steeps, your favorite anglophile can savor the wise words of famous authors printed on these tea bag labels.

Floating Books Wall Shelf

Large Floating Books Wall Shelf, $18, Plasticland

With this simple fixture, she can show off her taste in books and quirky home decor at the same time.

Pencil Pouch Set

Like a Book Pencil Pouch Set, $24, Kate Spade

Yup, designer desk candy. Your closest coworker will adore this Kate Spade pouch, which comes with a gold metal pencil sharpener, ruler, eraser, and two pencils inside.

Kurt Vonnegut Earrings

Kurt Vonnegut Earrings, $9, Etsy

Your snarky, sci-fi loving friend wants these earrings. Actually, who doesn’t want these earrings?

Paperback Cologne

Paperback 1 oz. Cologne Spray, $20, Demeter Fragrance

The scent of books makes every bibliophile swoon… buy her a bottle of this and she won’t be able to resist trying it on.

Penguin Mug Set

Penguin Mug Set, $30, Penguin

The only way these mugs could get better is if you were reading a Penguin classic while drinking coffee out of one.

Pillow Cover

Book Lover Pillow Cover, $38, Etsy

You know that friend who somehow already met her Goodreads challenge goal for the year? She just can’t put a good book down at night! This pillow is too perfect.

Game of Thrones Cookbook

A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook, $21, Amazon

That George R. R. Martin fangirl might still be mourning Robb Stark, but you can get her in the holiday spirit with some good, old-fashioned Westeros cooking.

Jane Austen Coaster Set

Jane Austen Coaster Set of 8, $12, Green Chair Press

Give a toast to our favorite literary lady, Jane Austen, and gift these colorful coasters to a friend.

eReader Case

Peter Pan Kindle or Nook Cover, $64, Etsy

A hardcover classic turned e-reader cover makes a clever present for the modern book nerd. Chicklitdesigns has a variety of covers to choose from.

Expectro Patronum T-shirt

Harry Potter Expectro Patronum Women’s T-Shirt, $17, Etsy

True love for the Harry Potter series is never-ending. Help a millennial find her inner patronus with this geek chic tee.

Wuthering Heights Soap

Wuthering Heights Goat’s Milk Soap, $4, Etsy

Worthy of its fictional farmhouse’s namesake, this gentle handmade soap combines the scents of oakmoss and amber with honey and almond oil.

Storage Container

And Den There Was Fun Container in Books, $22, Modcloth

Help a packrat hide clutter (or store books) in this clever container — and don’t forget to stash another cute gift inside.

Great Drinkers Shot Glasses

Great Drinkers Shot Glasses, $17, Philosophers Guild

Many an author enjoyed his or her whiskey. So share some booze with a friend and raise a glass to greats like Yeats and Dorothy Parker!