20 of the Best Book Gifts For Twentysomething Lit-Lovers

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She's not the girl who has everything — she's the girl who reads everything. So, what do you get the Rory Gilmore on your gift list this holiday season? Well, you probably shouldn't buy her a book. I know that seems a bit backwards, but hear me out. Even if she was just telling you about that Margaret Atwood book she’s been meaning to read (how thoughtful of you to take note!), do you really think she can wait until Christmas to get her hands on it? So before your friend beats you to the bookstore, consider getting her a gift that’s inspired by her favorite pastime instead.

Whether you’re shopping for a reader who prefers classic or contemporary, Jane Austen or J.K. Rowling, you’ll find something for any book-loving 20-something you know in this gift guide. From quirky clothes and home décor to more practical gifts (there's a waterproof e-reader!), the picks on this list cover a range of prices, so you’re bound to discover a thoughtful present that fits in your budget. And OK, there is one cookbook on here, but it's kind of a must-have for every fantasy novel nerd.

Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

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