22 Cheese Gifts That Are Perfect For Everyone On Your List, From Chefs To Cheddar Enthusiasts

We love cheese. It's pretty much one of the most perfect foods — we put it on pizza, tacos, burgers, pasta, bread, and basically anything else we can get our hands on. We understand that it's important to always have cheese in our homes, and that's why we would be thrilled to receive any of these cheese-themed gifts.

Whether you're more of a chef or just a cheddar enthusiast, these 22 cheese gifts are guaranteed to please. So what are you waiting for? It's time to find the perfect present to satisfy the caseophile in your life.

Smile and Say Cheese Slicer

The recipient of this retro gift is guaranteed to say cheese.

Smile and say cheese slicer, $14.99,

Reusable Cheese Markers

Fork-inspired markers make setting up a cheese tray easier than ever.

Reusable cheese markers, $13.95,

The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

Mac and cheese is already better than most people, but this cookbook takes it to the next level.

The Mac + Cheese Cookbook, $16.99,

Slate cheese board and chalk set

A slate cheese board is an equal mix of elegance and DIY. It’s also a great way to avoid any confusion when it comes time to host your annual holiday cheese party.

Slate cheese board and chalk set, $17.95,

Cheese Pop Chart

This is the ultimate cheat sheet that tells you everything you could ever possibly need to know about 65 different cheeses from around the world.

Cheese pop chart, $29,

Gold Cheese Knives

There’s nothing more glamorous than serving delicious cheese with golden utensils.

Gold cheese knives, $29,

Night Cheese Embroidery

Liz Lemon knows what’s up.

Night Cheese embroidery, $30,

Cooking on Cloud Nine Grater

As if cheese wasn’t dreamy enough, this grater makes the perfect shredding accessory.

Cooking on cloud nine grater, $9.99,

Portable Cheese Melt Utensil

Helping you to make the best nachos possible, wherever, whenever.

Portable cheese melt utensil, $24.99,

Cheese Papers

Fancy cheese deserves fancy wrapping.

Cheese papers, $12.95 – $14.95,

Electric Fondue Maker

Melted cheese is totally a meal with the addition of some vegetables and bread.

Electric fondue maker, $49.41,

Mouse With Cheese Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Because cheese is just as necessary to a kitchen as salt and pepper.

Mouse with cheese salt & pepper shaker set, $12,

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

This organizational (and totally cool) serving board makes cracker-placement a cinch.

Cheese & crackers serving board, $48,

Italian Cheesemaking Kit

A cheesemaking kit will help your mozzarella-loving pal get crafty in the kitchen.

Italian cheesemaking kit, $24.95,

The Murray's Cheese Handbook

This famed cheesemonger’s guide should be on every cheesy foodie’s reading list.

The Murray’s Cheese Handbook, $12.95,

Cheese Slicer

This stocking stuffer ensures perfectly sliced cheddar every time.

Cheese slicer, $8.82,

Chalkboard Cheese Markers

For the gourmand with the ever-changing cheese plate, chalkboard markers make a perfect tool.

Chalkboard cheese markers, $19.95,

Swiss Cheese Studs

Yeah, these studs are a little cheesy, but in the best way possible.

Swiss Cheese Studs, $16.50,

Cheese Alphabet Print

What print could be more perfect for the walls of a cheese-loving foodie?

Cheese alphabet print, $26.56,

Black Truffle Oil

This luxury oil takes mac and cheese and grilled cheese up another delicious notch.

Black truffle oil, $29.50,

Four Months of European Cheese

This gift may be extravagant, but can you really place a price on the delicacy of European cheese?

Four months of European cheese, $199.95,

Macaroni and Cheese Mug

Here’s a coffee mug that just gets us.

Macaroni and cheese mug, $23.95,