Why Cheese Is The Most Important Food

I'm not going to waste time here: Cheese is the best food in the world, and you should have cheese on hand in your home at all times. I am a firm believer that cheese, any type of cheese, is a necessary part of a daily diet. The beauty of cheese is you can have it with any (and preferably every) meal: breakfast – cream cheese on a bagel; lunch – in your sandwich or on the side of your snack plate; dinner – on pizza, spaghetti, in a sauce or salad. You can even have cheese for DESSERT people – a cheese cake and/or cheese platter. In short, cheese makes the world go 'round.

And there's so many types of cheese! Blue and smelly, flaky and yellow, soft and white...your cheese choices are literally endless, and no matter what cheese you're chewing, it's bound to taste delicious. You don't even need to put your cheese with anything. You can just eat straight up cheese (if you do, you're hardcore and I respect you.) Cheese is a delight to eat: who has ever bitten into a piece of cheese and not felt immediately elated at the flavor explosion in their mouth? No one, that's who. And if someone says otherwise, they're a heathen that should be cast out of society and into a cheese-free void as punishment.

So yes, you might say I care about cheese a lot. Maybe too much (haha, yeah right, that's not possible.) With the power of a thousand lightning bolts sent forth to power a million cattle farms. That's how much I care. But more. I care more. And you should too. Here are thirteen reasons you should always keep cheese in the house:

1. Because you need to work on your night cheese, duh.

2. How else will you ever realize your life goal of becoming this woman who casually eats an entire block of cheese?

3. For those nights when dinner is standing in the open fridge eating straight out of the cold cuts tray.

No seriously, wrap a piece of any kind of meat around a piece of any kind of cheese.

4. To mock mice

If you've got it, flaunt it.

5. Because all types of cheese are equally good

For instance, if you make spaghetti and want to sprinkle cheese over it, you can use feta or cheddar and it will be just as good as mozzarella.

6. Boring alert: calcium

Not sexy, but still a nice bonus to all the deliciousness.

7. What else are you going to put on your slice of bread/cracker/fruit/nut/basically any kind of snack food to level it up by infinity?


8. Because nothing tastes as good as cheese feels


9. Because what else are you going to have with wine?

10. Because all your friends will want to come over

They'll say things to each other like "Oh, we should go to Kat's. She's ALWAYS got cheese."

11. Because eating a block of cheese like an apple is much more satisfying than eating an apple

12. You can weed out toxic friends with cheese

If they don't eat the cheese, this is not a person you want to be friends with. Love of cheese is the measure of a person's worthiness.

13. Because otherwise, cheese will haunt your dreams.

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