The Original 'RHOBH' Women Together Again

They're baaaaaack. We are finally back in arguably the poshest town in all of the country with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5, and what better place to start than Kyle Richards' annual "White Party?" In the past, this party has proven to be a dramatic hell hole that has involved bizarre dancing (Kim Richards), uninvited party guests (Taylor Armstrong), and lawsuits galore (Camille Grammer). But for the first time in a very long time, all of the OGs of RHOBH were back at the "White Party." And of course, there was some drama.

It is rare that we see old housewives join the new housewives in scenes, but the Bravo gods have answered our prayers as Lisa, Kyle, Kim, Camille, Taylor, and Adrienne all reunited. Shockingly, there wasn't much drama between these women — in fact, they all seemed genuinely happy to see each other and be in each other's presence. Camille looked great — she was a ball of energy and happiness and even gifted Kyle a book like she did in Season 1 (this time it wasn't about learning manners). Taylor also looked genuinely happy, and after all of the things she has gone through in the past, you can't help but feel glad that she has found love with someone. Even Adrienne was in attendance (remember how awkward her "departure" from the show was?), and she brought a much younger man to the party — but age doesn't matter as she reminds us! You go, girl!

While I couldn't be happier to see this reunion of faces, I was waiting for some type of issues to arise — they always do. This time around, the drama was courtesy of Brandi and Adrienne. Brandi, who "exposed" Adrienne for using a surrogate for her children. It was a huge issue on Season 3, and might have caused the early departure of Adrienne on the show — and was even used as a reason for the split between Adrienne and her ex-husband Paul (which doesn't seem like a fair reason to use).

When Brandi asked Adrienne to speak at the party, I was nervous. Not another fight at the White Party! Luckily, Adrienne told Brandi the party wasn't the appropriate place to discuss their issues, and the two decided to get coffee. Yes, it was that TAME! It was probably the simplest discussion of Real Housewives history — and you know what? — I didn't hate it. We'll just see how long that lasts.

Images: Bravo