Every Type of Dog You'll Meet on Thanksgiving, Because They Love Turkey Too, You Know

I love Thanksgiving, you love Thanksgiving, and dogs love Thanksgiving. With friends coming over (aka potential belly scratchers), turkey being cooked (scraps anyone?), and an almost guaranteed afternoon of napping (cuddle buddies!!!), there's no doubt in my mind that dogs are just as (if not more) excited about T-Day as humans. And it doesn't stop there. Bring out the turkey costume and say hello to your new sous chef, because these pooches are just as thrilled about the holiday as you are (and they're just plain adorable). Here are 13 dogs who are way too excited about Thanksgiving. You're welcome in advance.

1The Chef's Assistant

Someone clearly wants to help out with the candied yams…

2The Turkey Enthusiast

You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them. Even dogs know that Turkey Day is all about, well, turkeys.

3The Pilgrim Role Player

This dog has clearly been reading too many history books.

4The Dessert Enthusiast

He’s here for one thing and one thing only — the pie.

5The Food Thief

“I’ll take that.”

6The Dog With The Excellent Table Manners

She always waits for everyone to get their food before she starts eating.

7The Pumpkin Pie Lover

Maybe this guy’s hoping his costume will help score him some dessert. Who can blame him?

8The Watch Dog

Honestly, he’s the best one for the job.

9The Main Attraction

This pup is so cute, you could just eat him right up.

10The Dog Who's Afraid Of Green Bean Casserole

Maybe he’s just saving room for dessert.

11The Holiday Greeter

Fact: There has never been a dog more welcoming of guests than this one. Sun hat, pumpkin, harvest wreath, and all.

12The Dogs Who Ate Way Too Much

We’re really starting to see tryptophan work its magic, here.

13The Turkey Dog

Last, but most certainly not least, the turkey dog, in all his wobbly-gobbly glory.