What Does Gaga's Armpit Tattoo Mean?

Ouch! Lady Gaga proves love is pain as she has once again added to her ever-growing tattoo collection. Clearly, she loves expanding her ink and revels in being a tattooed celeb as her most recent tats seem to represent chapters in and loves of her life. Earlier this year she showed love for her fans with some paws up, Monster-focused ink tattoo, and now Lady Gaga got a huge new tattoo in her armpit — a very painful place, as you can probably imagine. She shared photos and videos of the process of getting her nickname "Mother Monster" in her armpit region, all the while celebrating the anniversary of her breakthrough release, The Fame Monster.

Notice that Lady Gaga looks a bit, well, monstrous while getting inked. She is rocking smeared, bright, zombie-esque, Marilyn Manson–like makeup, a look that totally works for her, since she always veers dangerously close to the edge with her style. Plus, the act of being tattooed really, really hurts, especially in the tender armpit region and near the breasts, and it shows on her face in some of these gritted teeth shots. Or maybe she's just posing and being so very Gaga.

Before you check out her latest ink, I must warn you: If you are squeamish about needles and tattoos, you may want to take a sedative, since she lets us get all up in her business. Seriously, she captures the process in up-close-and-personal fashion in the video, where you can hear the tattoo gun buzz and watch the needle break the skin.

Here's the video!

It's short, but it's sorta thrilling. Kinda makes me want to get another one...

Check out the location of Gaga's latest artwork! That's a seriously tender area, so she will certainly have to be diligent about applying her ointment while it heals and she'll need to be extra, extra careful when applying deodorant or shaving. Let's hope she isn't engaging in too much strenuous activity as it heals, either. Any excessive twisting and turning (or dancing!!!) could muck things up.

You can see the actual placement here. It's big, it's beautiful, and it had to really freakin' hurt. I've got to hand it to Gaga for choosing an unusual and unexpected location for her latest piece of art.

Gaga also got a touch up for a previously existing piece. Who else loves her zombie-like makeup?

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (6)