What Does Her New Tattoo Mean?

Lady Gaga's love for her fans, affectionately christened "Little Monsters," is steadfast. And now, it's even more permanent. Lady Gaga's new tattoo is a symbol of her love for and in honor of her beloved Little Monsters. She always tells her presh Monsters to "put your paws up" and now she has a universal Monster paw tattoo on her back so she can carry her fans with her wherever she goes.

Most Monsters know about the piece of Gaga lore that indicates she will only tattoo the left side of her body out of respect to her old-school Italian father Joe Germanotta, who isn't a big fan of his daughter getting tattooed, and this particular inking is indeed on the left side of her upper back. However, I've gotta mention that Gaga got a right side tattoo this year, breaking the sacred Germanotta oath.

Gaga shared a few photos of the process and the finished product on her Instagram. But it is the end result that deepens and strengthens the link between her and her fans. She even showed a bit of booty in one of the images, showing how comfortable she is with her body, which we know from her Body Revolution campaign. Of course, she's been showing her rebel side lately, since she's been rocking throwback-y, jazz-inspired ensembles and makeup due to her Cheek to Cheek album with Tony Bennett, which went Numero Uno on the charts this week.

Heavy metal fans throw up the devil horns. Gaga throws up her Monster paw. It's emblematic of her fans and the Gaga culture.

It's a way of life and now it is drafted in ink.

Meet Eric Gonzales, her artist, as he was hard at work on the sketch. Notice his Prada specs. Gaga shared, "Getting some very important ink from the the great@Nspired1's time #monster4life."

The tools of the the tat trade. Gaga even posted, "Uh's time monsters. Paws Up," hinting at what was to come.

The sketch in place, located in a tender area of the body, for sure.

Mama Monster looking relaxed as she gets inked.

There it is! The Monster Paw! Gaga is "Paws Up" for life.

While I lurve her new tattoo, her ink-like liner is pretty bangin' as well.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (5); Eric Gonzales/Instagram (1); Giphy (2)