Cameron Diaz's 'SNL' Promos Dropped a Bombshell

While these Saturday Night Live promos for Cameron Diaz's upcoming hosting of the long-running late night sketch series aren't quite as plentiful as past iterations, they certainly make up for the lack of quantity with a lot of quality. And, considering this is SNL, a show completely based on the quality of it's comedy, what more could you really ask for from an episode promo?

In the first promo (there are only two, total), Diaz and SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan are pressed against the window of a high-rise looking out onto the city of NYC below them. The tone is wistful, all things considered, when Moynihan asks Diaz what she would do if she owned New York City. Considering Diaz is at SNL to promote her upcoming film, a remake of the musical Annie, it's a pretty cute schtick — but not as hilarious as the next promo, which (though I don't want to give too much away) drops a pretty shocking bombshell about Bobby Moynihan and Cameron Diaz's past. Turns out, they go way back! And, also, somehow Die Hard is involved! It really is a small world.

Check out the promos below. As always, SNL will air on Saturday night on NBC, at 11:30 PM.

Image: YouTube