If you're a facial hair connoisseur who finds potential mates on Bristlr, I'm about to make your day by alerting you to the existence of "Beard Duel," a game judging the attractiveness of bearded men. Now you don't have to make the trek down to the nearest hipster coffee shop to stare at hot men with facial hair, because you can do it from the comfort of your own computer. Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?While there has been many a beard competition over the years, Beard Duel is the first that's based on Instagram photos. Contestants enter by tagging their photos #beardduel, and their pic is then pitted head-to-head, or in this case beard-to-beard, against pictures of other men. They're presented two at a time, and voters are forced to choose between them. Basically, as BuzzFeed points out, it's "Hot or Not" with magnificent displays of masculinity and hipsterdom. (Unfortunately, there aren't any flower beards to be seen so far.)In case you actually are planning on getting some work done today, I gathered some of my favorite participants as a preview of the contest. You might want to prepare yourself though, because these guys are unsurprisingly hot like burning.

Here are some of the winners so far:

Van Schneider is currently holding strong at number one, and for good reason. Look at glorious mustache.

Armando Álvarez Esáa is really rockin' that beard onstage. Pun obviously intended.

I don't know if I'm more impressed with this guy's beard or his muscles. I think it's both. Both is good.

That soulful gaze though. Luckily, there's plenty more pics of it and his beard on his Instagram.

What a perfectly groomed beard. And those eyes feel like they're staring into my soul. I could happily keep going, but unfortunately I have other things to do today. However, if you're bored at work or just procrastinating like a boss, head on over to Beard Duel and vote for your favorites.

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