Where To Buy 'Shark Tank's Off the Cob Tortilla Chips & Get Fancy with Your Salsa

Shark Tank is all about the snacks this year. After a recent episode's Pipcorn fight, Shark Tank welcomed Off the Cob Tortilla Chips to its Nov. 21 episode. Snacking and being healthy are usually mutually exclusive, but not for the makers of Off the Cob Tortilla Chips, which use sweet corn to give their homemade chips a district flavor. These chips don't look like the typical bag of triangular Tostitos — instead, they have a round shape and are crispy and thin.

What will surely pique the sharks' interest is that Off the Cob is a healthy — and fancy — alternative to your typical chip. Sharks love upscale or boutique snacks (provided they taste fantastic), and Off the Cob is GMO free, gluten free, and Kosher certified. They can be eaten by pretty much everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. And their handpicked sweet corn is much more appealing than the machine-processed grain corn they claim goes into every other chip.

Off the Cob has taken a long and twisty road to get into stores. They started on Kickstarter back in 2012, where they made the $15,000 that founder Cameron Sheldrake needed to go into production. Then he managed to nab a regional deal with Whole Foods — so you can pick up Off the Cob chips if you live in one of 28 stores in upstate New York near Sheldrake's hometown of Ithaca, NY.

For those of us in the rest of the country, you won't see Off the Cob in stores, but they seem to be in the process of making their chips available online. They have an Amazon listing where it says that you can buy 16 4-ounce bags of chips. Unfortunately, they're "Not Available" at the moment. But the few reviews they do have from back when they were shipping are positively glowing. Though you won't be able to use Prime shipping, you can now purchase Off the Cob from their Shopify site. Judging from their Instagram, there's a lot of demand — and there will only be more as Shark Tank repeats the episode.

Seriously, these chips have made believers out of everyone who's been able to taste them. Just look at all of those chips being mailed out in the photo above. I'm sure that by next summer, we'll all be grabbing a bag of Off the Cob to add to July 4 barbecues.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC