Will 'Party Down South 2' Feature Any Original Cast Members? This Season Has Changes in Store

It's starting to get chilly above the Mason-Dixie line, but down south, it's still summer, right? Well, not exactly, but at least Party Down South 2 , which will premiere on Nov. 20, will add a little summer to the holiday season. But will the original Party Down South cast be returning? Unfortunately for huge fans of Mattie or Lil Bit, they won't be. Party Down South 2 is a spinoff, not a second season (think of it like the Teen Mom franchise). So Party Down South 2 is taking its cast to Mississippi and starting a whole new show with a whole new crew. But don't worry. The original Down South partiers aren't going anywhere. They'll be back for a third season in just a few months — CMT is planning to air Season 3 in February of 2015. If anything, we'll be overdosing on cheap beer and sunburns, with four seasons of the PDS franchise in less than a year.

But they've managed to put together a cast that looks just as explosive as the original house for Party Down South 2. And by just as good, I mean, just as rowdy, loud, and misbehaving as the first season. And if you look at the new cast, you'll see that even though they may be newbies, fans will quickly find a lot to enjoy.

Yep, they are definitely making up for lost time by getting just as crazy as the originals in half the time. We could be looking at an even crazier group of Southerners, judging by their mattress tossing, ATV-ing, and star spangled bathing suit-wearing. They even have nicknames! On this show, a nickname is like a badge of honor. Michael goes by his last name, Duke, and preacher's daughter Ashton sometimes goes by "Smashton" — it might be time to get excited, y'all. Oh, by the way, fireman Tommy Theis has this set of abs:

Rounding out the rest of the cast are Bradley and Hunter, who sound like classic Southern guys, and Karynda and Magen, who are doing this season's "uncommon name spelling" quota. We'll still have to see the episodes to know who's the funniest, who's annoying, and who straight up needs an intervention. But these guys are leaving a pretty good first impression. And while I doubt that this cast will ever replace the original Party Down South crew in our deep-fried hearts — hey, they don't have to. But they will be worthy companions. Happy Drunksgiving!

Image: Andy Batt; CMT/Tumblr (2)