52 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Office Friends Will Love No Matter How Much You're Willing To Spend

So the day has finally come when everyone at your workplace writes their name on a slip of paper, throws it into a hat, and holds their breath. Of course I'm talking about office secret Santa. And why is everyone holding their breath, you ask? Because no one wants to get stuck with a bad gift giver. And no one wants to be that bad gift giver. But fret not, because we've rounded up a list of 52 secret Santa gift ideas your office friends will actually want, no matter what your price point is. From desk supplies to sugar-coated snacks to flashy (yet functional) accessories, we've got you covered. So without further ado, my friends, read on. It's time to start shopping.

by Chelsey Grasso

Lucite Desk Collection Stapler

Have you ever seen a stapler as elegant as this one? If you said “yes,” you’re lying.

Lucite Desk Collection Stapler, $23, Amazon

Mancala Game

I don’t care what anyone says, mancala makes for the perfect desk game. Brainstorming with fellow employees calls for a round of mancala in my book.

Mancala Game, $12, Amazon

Bicycle Paper Clips

Get your friends excited to use paperclips. That’s right, it’s possible!

Bicycle Paper Clips, $11, Amazon Sip Sip Tumbler

The cutest way to get your caffeine fix on the run. Sip Sip Tumbler, $18, Amazon

Oh Hell No Mug

Some mornings, it’s just best to let this mug do all the talking.

Oh Hell No Mug, $20, Amazon

Macaron Box

Talk about a tasty trinket. These macaron boxes work well for holding pills, jewelry, and anything else you might lose track of easily in an office.

Macaron Box, $8, Amazon

Ello Thrive Flora Glass Water Bottle

This super fem water bottle is not only gorgeous, it’s BPA-free. That’s what I’m talking about, people.

Ello Thrive Flora Glass Water Bottle, $13, Amazon

Archer Farms' Rudolph Mix

Give your friends something to munch on while working, and maybe if you’re extra nice they’ll let you sneak a handful too. It’s kind of like muddy buddies but better.

Reindeer Snack Mix, $17, Amazon

Zodiac Incense Holder

Incense holders are simple, but elegant. Pair this one with some scented sticks, and you’ve got the best smelling gift of them all. The zodiac sign adds a nice personal touch, too.

Zodiac Incense Holder, $10, Amazon

Wooden Rubber Stamp Set

A stamp set for under $10? Yes please!

Wooden Rubber Stamp Set, $5, Amazon

Dictionary Print Poster

These dictionary print posters are cute, clever, and creative. So they’ve got the three C’s covered completely. OK, I’ll stop now.

Dictionary Print Poster, $13, Amazon

Eiffel Scissors

I wouldn’t normally recommend a pair of scissors as a secret Santa gift, but this pair is an exception.

Eiffel Scissors, $28, Amazon

Owl Candles

These candles are ultra flattering sitting on anyone’s desk.

Owl Candle s , $10, Amazon

Black Cat Bowl

What should you keep your paper clips in? Your desk drawer? Wrong. The ugly little box they come in? Wrong. Scattered all over your workspace? Wrong. You should keep them in this little cat dish.

Black Cat Bowl, $6, Amazon

Coloud Bang Speaker

Not only is this speaker bright and colorful, it can fit in your pocket and has eight hours of play time. Perfect for, well, basically everyone.

Coloud Bang Speaker, $24, Amazon

Kate Spade Bow Push Pins

Kate Spade can really do no wrong. I mean, have you ever seen push pins this cute???

Kate Spade Bow Push Pins, $24, Amazon

Back Me Up Charger for iPhone 5/5S/6

Don’t you just hate it when your phone dies and you’re nowhere near a charger? And for some reason, it seems to happen all the time. Don’t leave your friends stranded in the same situation. These super affordable and super cute iPhone back-up chargers are the way to go when picking out a useful (and pretty!) gift.

Back Me Up Charger for iPhone 5/5S/6, $27, Amazon

Tina Fey Coffee Mug

Everyone needs an office coffee mug. Everyone who gets stuff done needs a Tina Fey-inspired one. Bitches get stuff done, ladies.

Tina Fey “Bitches Get Stuff Done” Coffee Mug, $18, Amazon

Nutella Cookbook

There’s a recipe in here for everyone, no matter who you draw.

Nutella Cookbook, $10, Amazon

Gold Glitter Sticker Hearts

Secret Santa gifts don’t have to be extravagant, they just have to be thoughtful. A 24-pack of glitter heart stickers falls into the thoughtful category.

Gold Glitter Sticker Hearts, $6, Amazon

Sweet Talk Pen Set

You can sweet talk your way into any of your co-workers’ hearts with this lovely pen collection! “Gosh, you look so cute.” Gosh, you’ve stolen my heart.

Sweet Talk Pen Set, $17, Amazon

Kate Spade Acrylic Pencil Cup

It doesn’t get any more chic than this. An acrylic Kate Spade pencil cup. Done.

Kate Spade Acrylic Pencil Cup, $24, Amazon

Wine wipes

Say it with me now: Genius.

Wine wipes, $9, Amazon

Succulent & Small Wooden Planter

Fact: plants make for better living spaces. So don’t you think they’d do the same for working spaces? Order a simple little succulent to decorate your coworker’s desk. It’s like giving the gift of life, kinda!

Succulent & Planter, $9, Amazon

Biddeford Heated Microplush Throw

Keeping a heated blanket in the office is not a bad idea, especially during the chilly winter months.

Biddeford Heated Microplush Throw, $36, Amazon

Ring True Desk Phone

Rotary phones are the coolest. And this one is functional too!

Ring True Desk Phone, $61, Amazon

Crystalline Paperweight

Whoever said that paperweights were a boring gift choice was so wrong.

Crystalline Paperweight, $98, Amazon

Get-To-The-Point Conversation Journals

A girl can never have enough notebooks. These get-to-the-point conversation journals are made with a little extra tender loving care, and it shows. Rustic, inspirational, and just plain gorgeous.

Get-To-The-Point Conversation Journal, $8.50, Etsy

Abulon iPhone Case

It’s hard to go wrong with an iPhone case for a gift, especially if it’s as shiny as this one.

Abulon iPhone Case, $40, Amazon

Roller Notes Sticky Roll

This is a sticky notes roller. Did you hear me guys!? THIS IS A STICKY NOTES ROLLER.

Roller Notes Sticky Roll, $10, Amazon

Scented Candle Set

Have a stressed out co-worker? Help him or her relax by wrapping up three sweetly scented handmade candles. (You even get to pick handpick the scents.)

Triple Scented Candle Set, $29, Amazon

Cat Wool Mouse Pad

When it comes to office decor, I would have to say that nothing pairs better with a mouse than a cat mouse pad (get it, get it!?). A perfect gift for your cat-loving coworkers.

Cat Head Mouse Pad, $6, Amazon

2016 Diary Planner

Help your friends help themselves with a weekly planner. This soft cover, metallic-detailed notebook will do just the job. It’s so sleek, you may want to pick up one for yourself too.

2016 Diary Planner, $19, Amazon

Kate Spade Quotation Mark Paperweights

Everything becomes quote worthy with these adorable paperweights.

Kate Spade Quotation Mark Paperweight, $26, Amazon

You've Gato a Call Phone Stand

Phone stands are the best. Cat phone stands are better than the best.

You’ve Gato a Call Phone Stand, $15, Amazon

Connor - Les Petits "Emoji" Stationery Set

Emojis make anything infinitely cuter — including snail mail.

Connor - Les Petits “Emoji” Stationery Set, $85, Barneys

Doctor it Up Highlighter Set

To-Do List Notepad

This candy-striped “To-Do List” is the sweetest thing ever. Put one in your office friend’s Christmas stocking. If you want to get extra creative, write in some events on every few blank pages… coffee dates, anyone?

To-Do List Notepad, $20, Etsy

Star Constellations Wood Coasters

Beverage rings suck. Coasters with star constellations rock.

Star Constellations Wood Coasters, $30, Etsy

Custom Heart Map Magnets

Cheer up your co-worker’s file cabinets by ordering some custom heart map magnets. Pick any six locations, and get six one-of-a-kind magnets in return. Pretty sweet deal.

Custom Heart Map Magnets, $19, Etsy

2016 Hanging Wall Calendar

Calendars can get real boring, real fast. Don’t let your coworker suffer that tragedy. This lovely handmade calendar is perfection in the form of 12 months.

2016 Hanging all Calendar, $18, Etsy

Happy Holidays Bento Box

What’s better than a bento box? A bento box filled with candy! An assortment of eight sweet treats (including candy cane caramels and champagne bubbles), this baby blue box brings all kinds of happiness.

Happy Holidays Bento Box, $65, Sugarfina

Floral Photo Clip String Set

Clothespins are versatile, not to mention amazing for hanging up photos in a way that’s hipster, but not too hipster. This clip set takes it up a notch with beautiful floral designs.

Floral Photo Clip String Set, $12, Urban Outfitters

The Fox and the Sound Earbuds

Earbuds are helpful to have around the office, but cute little animal earbuds? They’re essential.

The Fox And The Sound Earbuds, $15, ModCloth

Preference for Self-Reference Bookends

You guys, these are bookends that look like bookends… I mean, come on! That’s amazing.

Preference for Self-Reference Bookends, $28, ModCloth

Bedazzled iPhone Case

Seriously, is there anything sweeter?

Bedazzled iPhone Case, $16, Dylans Candy Bar

You've Been Naughty Popcorn "Coal"

A fun gift to give — so long as the person you draw has a good sense of humor. This adorable burlap bag doesn’t actually contain coal, though. It’s filled with black popcorn kernels which can be used as a delicious snack later.

You’ve Been Naughty Popcorn Coal, $13, Uncommon Goods

Memorable Dimension Frame

Finally, a picture frame that’s not boring, ugly, or dorky. (I’m not a hater, I just don’t know why it took this long.)

Memorable Dimension Frame, $18, ModCloth

Wide Writable Page Markers

Keep things simple but fun. These colorful page markers make for an ideal stocking stuffer.

Wide Writable Page Markers, $5, The Container Store

Parisienne Pencil Case

Each of these cute little pouches are engraved with a different saying in French. Tres chic!

Parisienne Pencil Case, $24, Anthropologie

Hand Sculptured Dichroic Glass Business Card Holder

It’s the most beautiful business card holder I’ve ever seen. Period.

Hand Sculptured Dichroic Glass Business Card Holder, $30, Etsy

Gold Rim Baby Milk Vases

I’m a strong believer that a pretty work space makes for a productive work day. Help your office friends beautify their desk with a gold-rimmed baby milk vase in his or her favorite color. Be an extra wonderful secret Santa, and put some small flowers in it before you sneak it onto their desk top.

Gold Rim Baby Milk Vase, $36, Robert Siegel Studio